What is Biometric Access Control System?
Biometrics is the scientific measurement and strategic analysis of biological data. When we say ‘biological data’, we refer to the unique characteristic features of certain body parts of human body. Some of these features include facial patterns, measurement of hand, retinas and irises of eyes, fingerprints, DNA and many more. This feature is utilized by Biometric access control system to control access of different people to particular areas. The reason behind the same is the uniqueness of the characteristic features of some of the human body parts, mentioned above. It is being found that no two individual posses the same DNA structure, fingerprint, retina and iris of eyes, etc. This characteristic feature helps people get distinguished from one another. In the Biometric Access Control System, some of these characteristics of certain person are fed in the access control system so that it can help the system to identify, verify, authenticate and ultimately access control.
There is a general notion that Biometric Access Control System is used by intelligence agencies only. However, nowadays, these systems are used by residences and commercial buildings too. The rise of vandalism, terrorism and theft has pushed the businesses as well as the residences to use Biometric system to control access of people to their premises. In order to safeguard valuables and also to control access to specific regions, Biometric Access Control System is used and the success rate is 100% guaranteed. This is the reason why the commercial buildings as well as the residences are using this access control system.

Biometric Access Control System – How does it Work?
From the above we have come to know about the concept of Biometric Access Control System. Now, let elucidate about its working. This system works on verification of certain body parts of human like finger prints, DNA, etc. In fact, a single Biometric Access Control System is capable of considering more than one characteristic feature of our body. In fact, such an access control system verifies different criteria. It then scans all the characteristic features of the body parts of that person who is seeking permission to access the secured resource. Once the scanning process is done, the scanned features of that person are matched with the data fed in its database. If the data matches with that of the person then he or she is allowed to access the secured resource or area. In case the feature is unmatched, the person is not allowed.

What is CCTV and How Useful is It as Access Control?
The full form of CCTV is Closed Circuit television. It consists of a series of closed circuit cameras that are fitted with specific monitors to which the signals are transmitted. This should also be remembered that the range of transmission of signal to the specific monitors is limited. Note that the transmission of signal in case of CCTV system is not done in an open manner like that of the broadcast televisions. With the help of these cameras, commercial buildings, airports, ATMs and even residences can be guarded. This is a unique security guarding system that helps in monitoring the different nooks and corners of a place, even the ones where manual guarding is not possible. Nowadays, shops, commercial buildings, casinos and military bases are using CCTV access control systems for properly guarding their premises.
To make the premises of residential areas and commercial spaces completely secure, one can install Biometric Access Control System and CCTV system.

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Derick Branson is a security guarding specialist as well as consultant. He has been associated with the industry for more than thirty years and is considered as a veteran in the security guarding industry. He has been advising commercial spaces and residential areas in installing - Biometric Access Control -System as well as CCTV. In this article he has given useful information on the same.