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Learn from your experiences

You have no doubt heard or read this phrase, and without a doubt, it is good advice. But you can learn from the lessons from others and avoid the pain that they suffered to obtain their first-hand wisdom.

Pain: Life’s Great Teacher

Whether your pain is physical, health, stress, spiritual or financial– find the pain, discover the lesson. Then, and only then, will The Secret Law of Attraction work in your favor. In fact, until you learn the lesson your life circumstances or your body are trying to tell you, you will experience the same pain again and again.

What We Have Given Up – the True Gauge of Success

Consider this quote:  “Success is NOT gauged on what you have gained, but by what you have given up.”  Someone who bases success on what he or she has given up to attain a particular position likely considers life as a series of losses or concessions – and not very much fun. By contrast, someone who has enjoyed his or her life’s journey views success much more positively.

Perseverance Is the Key

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. You learn from your pain and experiences exactly the same way. Slowly but surely, and stronger and more knowledgeable than when you started – you will reach your ultimate goals.  Along the way, you should consider the following questions:

  • What is your success strategy?
  • Are you truly committed to achieving success?
  • Are you determined to reach your goal – no matter what?
  • Will you persevere through adversity?
  • Are your will power and focus sufficient to see you through to the end?

Make no mistake, perseverance, stamina and commitment will allow you to achieve your ultimate goals. Even the most perfect plan is doomed to failure if you have no stamina. But a strong balance of the other qualities can compensate for the shortfalls of a less than perfect plan.  Using Brain Management along with The Secret Law of Attraction will increase your subconscious mind power along with your stamina – making a phenomenal contribution to the global consciousness.

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Shannon Panzo, PhD is Executive Instructor of Brain Management. Brain Management teaches you a range of mind enhancement techniques, primarily how to tap into and control your own vast potential locked in your subconscious mind. His students / clients discover the way to learn how to learn naturally and the key to unlocking your unlimited potential. The key is Mental Photography. and

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