Are you looking to get into shape and build muscle instead of just lose fat? Then it pays to invest some into carrying out regular exercise. Investing a lot of time into changing your diet will help you to lose weight, but it isn’t likely to help you actually get into muscular shape. To do that, you need good, solid exercise. Not just any exercise, though – the right exercise!

Finding out the right exercises, though, can take a lot of work and some planning. To help you avoid having to tweak any hamstrings or pull any muscles, here are some excellent muscle-building exercises you can do to build muscle.

Barbell Curls

The barbell curl makes a fine exercise for making sure that you can tone up those biceps and make a noticeable, significant difference to the shape that you are in.
They might not be the easiest exercise, but one right they could make a big impact on your muscles. Make sure you lift slowly to help engage the muscle and really get the most out of every curl that you do!

Barbell Squats

Missing out on leg and butt day is bad news for your workout – but barbell squats makes missing out impossible. These are fun and enjoyable workouts that will put a lot of pressure on the legs, and will make sure you can work on those key leg muscles.
The results will be stronger legs that can car more wear and tear during a workout, and allow you to support more challenging workouts as time goes on.

Bench Dips

Another fine workout to involve yourself with is the bench dip; a powerful yet effective workout that will only need you to work with a secure bench. Keeping yourself to the bench, you just need to dip the elbows until they are at shoulder height.
Now, simply squeeze your way back up, using the triceps to work your way back up. Before long, you’ll start to really feel and see the results!


While the idea of merely lying out might not seem like it does much, planking is immensely good for muscle building that makes a difference. Using a plank, you can make a big difference – just take the push-up position and then hold it. Make sure you are strong and stable, and then go for it – keep your eyes on a spot on the floor and brace!

Bicycle Kicks

A must-try for those who want to build impressive abs, bicycle kicks are excellent for doing just that. All you need to do is lie face-up on the ground, hands behind the head, and lift up your knees to the chest. Then, start kicking as if you were going to be riding a bike – imagine pedals on your feet. Go, and you should really feel the burn as you do this.

Start working with the above exercises, and you should notice a meaningful difference to your muscles in no time!

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