Every day, people are increasingly aware of the need to adhere to a healthy lifestyle. That's why they are happy to start visiting wellness treatments, fitness centers, sports clubs, etc.

However, in the conditions of modern life it is difficult to completely abandon the gray everyday life with their uniformity. Therefore, those who are interested in a more active holiday tend to relax in sanatoriums and country clubs.


If you have established contacts with tourist centers, fitness instructors, lecturers in psychology and physiology, you can start implementing an idea such as opening a fitness camp. The advantage of PURSUIT fitness business is relatively low competition. In addition, this business idea can be implemented with minimal investment.


If you work with clients exclusively on an advance payment, then the amount of the initial capital may be only 3-4 thousand dollars. These funds will be needed to organize an advertising campaign for the camp, and will also go to transportation costs associated with its organization.


The essence of staying in the camp is to help people tune in to positive changes in their lives, devoting 2 weeks to self-knowledge and improving the soul and body. This business should be focused on those whose brains are overloaded with various information. In any city you can find many people who are ready to spend significant funds on getting rid of stress and chronic fatigue syndrome.


Rest in a camp should be different from a stay in a sanatorium. It is worth focusing on teaching clients the principles and methods of self-knowledge and ways to maintain moral and physical health. As part of the curriculum, self-massage lessons can be organized, as well as lectures on the healing properties of herbs and the preparation of various masks and creams.


At the initial stage of organizing such a business, it is worth agreeing on cooperation with sanatoriums and recreation centers in your city. With a modest budget, you need to convince the leadership of these organizations of the feasibility of a post-pay option.


Next, it is worth offering cooperation to familiar trainers, nutritionists, lecturers, psychologists, with the help of which it will be possible to create an interesting cultural program for vacationers. At the next stage, you need to calculate the approximate cost of a ticket to a fitness camp. From this amount you need to subtract the costs of specialists and the admission of groups to sanatoriums. The remaining amount will be your actual income. Prices can vary greatly depending on the region in which the business is planned to be launched. Therefore, the calculations need to be carried out independently.


At the final stage, you need to conduct an advertising campaign to recruit groups of vacationers. To do this, you can submit ads to local media, develop your own website and engage in its active promotion.


It is advisable to run a business in the autumn-winter period. At this time, the cost of accommodation will be minimal. If customers like the proposed type of vacation, you will have a chance to win a significant share of the domestic tourism market in your area.

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