Long gone are the days of granny undies! Living with incontinence doesn't mean that you have to use bulky adult diapers. For a large amount of people, incontinence is a slight "oops" here and there. For others, it's a considerable 'oops'. Either way - now you can dress to manage this problem - and still look attractive!

Do you prefer thongs? or bikinis? or briefs? Do you like cotton, lace or lycra? From seamless, to thongs, to bikini's, to briefs....cotton, lace or lycra - there are so many choices out there to be worn! Incontinence underwear is finally contemporary and stylish!

For ladies - pretty, lacy, incontinence intimates are a great way to keep your incontinence your 'secret'.

For light to moderate incontinence, there are a number of very stylish incontinence underwear lines. After all, who wants to put on mesh pants? Many of today's dependable incontinence underwear lines available have:

* an extra thick gusset
* unique fabric at the crotch that rapidly pulls moisture away from skin
* antimicrobial & anti-odor treatment
* some have a waterproof groin with extra room for an incontinence liner
* Easy-care machine wash and dry
* More economical than disposables good for 200-250 washes
* from thongs, to bikini's, to briefs....cotton, lace or lycra - some are seamless (for the NO vpl (visible panty lines) look)

For men - there's the unfailing and ol' faithful tighty whities, or boxers.

These cotton jersey briefs are wonderful for numerous reasons. They're made of a soft cotton/poly jersey blend, so they are comfortable, washable, reusable & better for the environment. And, since the absorbent liner is sewn in, you don't have to struggle with disposable incontinence liners.

* Soft and comfortable cotton/poly jersey
* Fly-front jockey styling
* No inserts or disposable pads are necessary
* Sewn-in, super absorbent pads trap liquid for built-in protection all day
* some have waterproof outer layer prevents leakage for double protection
* antimicrobial & anti-odor treatment
* Easy-care machine wash and dry
* More economical than disposables good for 200-250 washes

For ladies & men - these up to date incontinence products have hit the shops and are without a doubt popular because they work!

However, you may be concerned that these underwear won't 'hold enough', and want a bit more guaranteed protection until you're secure in the knowledge that these incontinence underwear lines can do what they say they do. Do you feel you need a bit more protection than what the underwear will provide? If you do, there are also incontinence liners and bladder control pads that fit nicely in these contemporary underwear! You can use these until you feel safe enough to go without them, or go on to use them to give you that extra sense of security.

For light/moderate incontinence, have you used a maxi or mini-pad to soak up any leaks? If you have, like many others, you've learned that sanitary pads were not intended for that use.

Incontinence liners and bladder control pads were designed to be a great deal more absorbent than maxi-pads, and they also have the further benefit of a waterproof backing. There are both disposable and cloth incontinence liners & bladder control pads. With latest technology - some companies even make them compostable and flushable!

For those who require additional protection (ie; heavy incontinence), there are even incontinence underwear made purposely for heavier incontinence, too. So, you now have a choice - you don't have to wear adult diapers, unless you opt to.

Remember, don't let your incontinence run your life - you can easily manage your incontinence when you use the right products. Go on, get out and take pleasure in life once more!

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