Thoughts, for the most part, are conditioned and can be changed. Although blaming the way we think on our parents and how we were raised may in fact be accurate, as adults, it is our responsibility to change the way we think. Our thought processes can be changed through awareness and effort, which is a typical combination for any change.

From my personal experience, this is a gradual process, so don’t get discouraged if the change comes slowly. It took years to develop our present thought processes and it will probably take years to change them. This doesn’t mean that you cannot make immediate noticeable changes but considering that your thought processes are a vast area that run deep, you cannot expect to change everything about the way think overnight.

So, just how do we go about changing the ways in which we think? Well, we learn new ways to think which will replace the old ones. Basically, we brainwash ourselves. That’s right, brainwash. The term “brainwash” tends to have negative connotations associated with it but for those of us whose thought processes are less than healthy, we could use a good brain wash.

I am guessing that not all of your thought processes require changing so decide which ones are positive and which ones are negative and harmful and therefore should be changed. Most, if not all, of those ways in which you think, feel and act that you do not like, can be changed for the better. This article is not so much about what you need to change but rather to let you know that you can change how you think, it is possible. I mention not only thoughts but feelings and actions as well because our feelings and actions start with a thought. You can immediately change the ways in which you act despite the usual thought processes. The sayings “move a muscle, change a thought” and “don’t think yourself into right action, act yourself into right thinking” apply here. So, there is a good start. You can begin to reprogram your thoughts by acting differently. This will take a lot of effort and you will most certainly fail at times so strive for progress.

It is impossible for me to address all of the thought processes that everyone wants to change so you’ll need to take a look at yourself, your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and determine what you like and what you don’t like about yourself. Perhaps you can make a simple pros and cons list and if you’re really brave, you can ask someone close, who you trust, to help you with your inventory. As I mentioned, specific actions can be immediately addressed but just how do we change our overall thought process? Although you will surely find specific ways in which you think, feel and act that you wish to address, you may find that a general spiritual and psychological overhaul will work best. I have found that most of the ways in which I used to think were more of a symptom of an overall spiritual and psychological deficiency. Considering this, if we only attempt to treat specific symptoms of such a deficiency, then we never really treat the cause of our unhealthy thought processes. Sure, you’ll be able to work on specific areas too but you may find that developing a healthy spiritual and psychological condition which will fill your heart and mind with new, healthy ideas and thoughts will result in new thought processes and a new outlook on life.

This site was designed specifically for this reason, to help you find peace and happiness through spiritual and psychological principles. Of course this site is not the only resource for such help and guidance. I list other various forms of self-help in some of my posts as well as on the links page. Of course, I recommend my site but here are a few other options. I recommend a good psychotherapist to aid in your self-improvement. Perhaps you can find a religion that suits you. There are many self-improvement books and websites available that you may find useful. These are just a few ideas to help get you on your way to reprogramming your current thought processes. This will take effort, determination and vigilance but know that you can change your thought processes if you so desire.

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My name is Alan and I hope I can help you to be as happy and grateful as I have become. I wasn’t always this way, I spent many years being depressed and miserable. I no longer wanted to feel this way, so I changed. I believe that most anyone can be happy, if they have the desire and willingness necessary to change. I have wished that I could share my experiences with others, so that they may find the same type of peace, happiness and contentment that I have attained. Hence…

I am not a doctor or mental health professional. My views and insights are a result of almost twenty years of intensive spiritual, religious and psychological training and practice. Becoming happy is not necessarily an overnight matter, so be diligent and patient. Some will experience results more quickly than others. I personally experienced a gradual progression towards happiness. This may take some time so stick with it! You may be the last to notice how much you’ve changed. Don’t quit before the miracle happens.

I wish you peace and happiness.