The pain isn't continually targeted in one a part of the cavity and will originate within the higher, central or lower quadrant.


There square measure several causes of abdominal pain and symptoms of every indicate the world wherever the discomfort originates. The higher abdominal pain is typically felt just under the skeletal structure and higher than the belly button. a number of the potential causes of severe higher abdominal pain include:

The condition wherever the appendix is stuffed with pus and gets inflamed is named rubor. The pain might originate within the higher abdomen and will shift from the navel to the lower right abdomen. If the pain will increase in intensity over twelve to eighteen hours, it's suspected to be rubor. The doctor might recommend surgery to treat this severe abdominal pain.

The exhausting crystallized stones of the succus that block the vesica is named gallstones. These gallstones are often as little as a small grain of sand and will be as giant as a ball. one amongst the foremost common symptoms of gallstones is sharp, severe higher abdominal pain on the proper facet. This pain intensifies from the middle of the abdomen just under the sternum. it's going to additionally cause pain within the back between shoulder blades and therefore the right shoulder.

Gastroesophageal Reflux malady (GERD)
This chronic organic process malady happens once the gall or abdomen acid flows back to the gullet. This causes irritation of the gullet and pyrosis. hurting in conjunction with higher abdomen pain, dry cough, raw throat, problem swallowing, etc. square measure a number of the symptoms of GERD.

Inflammation of the exocrine gland is named redness. This condition causes severe pain within the higher abdomen. This pain radiates to the rear. it's additionally one amongst the causes of abdomen pain when feeding. Nausea, vomiting, dyspepsia, oily and foul stools square measure a number of the opposite symptoms of redness.

Peptic lesion
Ulcer that develops on the inner lining of the gullet, abdomen and intestines is named peptic ulceration. The abdominal pain felt from the sternum up to the navel might indicate peptic ulceration. The pain worsens once the abdomen is empty, particularly at nighttime. In severe cases, one might suffer from nausea, projection blood (sometimes), dark blood in stools, loss of appetency, etc.

Intestinal Obstruction
Any blockage within the little intestines or colons provides rise to blockage. This obstruction are often thanks to abdominal tissue adhesion, hernias or tumors. The symptoms embrace cramps within the higher abdomen, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal distention, etc.

Reduction of blood flow to the center muscles is named angina. one amongst the foremost obvious symptoms of this condition is hurting, compressing and pressure on the chest. ladies tend to suffer some completely different form of symptoms as compared to the classic angina symptoms. They suffer from sharp, stabbing and rhythmic pain within the chest. They additionally suffer from higher abdominal pain, shortness of breath and nausea. Thus, ladies stricken by these symptoms in conjunction with sharp pain in chest ought to get their heart health examined by a doctor.

Heart Attack
Those who square measure stricken by heart failure expertise pressure or compressing pain within the center of their chest. in conjunction with the hurting, they feel the pain diverging from the chest to their shoulder, arms, back and jaw. they appear to complain of severe pain, nausea and projection. Thus, abdominal pain in conjunction with a compressing hurting diverging towards the shoulders and jaws, indicates heart failure.

Other causes embrace inflammation, rubor, duodenitis, hepatitis, carditis, stricture (in infants), etc. One ought to get themselves examined by a doctor, if the pain doesn't subside among forty eight hours. don't take severe abdominal pain gently because it could also be a proof your body needs immediate medical attention.

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