They say that the first six years of a child’s life are the most important for learning. Children can learn different languages, and so many other things. It makes you wonder if it’s exposure to different situations or if a parent is just drilling them and turning them into little sponges. Personally, I think that it has to do with their natural curiosity. Children are curious about everything. They ask a million questions so that they can get a better understanding of how things actually work.

So what’s the major difference between the age of 6 and the age of 8? Does their natural curiosity subside? Does a certain part of their brain stop growing? A child’s world is that of a child’s world. An adult’s world is so much more knowledgeable. Do they think differently if they are around more adults rather than other children?

Imagination is the major key to all of it. If left to a child’s imagination, they can come up with a solution for anything. And it is this simple rational that should be listened to. There are no complications, just a cause and an effect. They might just hold the answer to end crime, hunger, and maintain world peace. It would be through innocence and non-discrimination, and a strong sense of justice that it would be obtained.

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