Clinical trials are put in place to test existing medications and also new drugs as a way of developing new kinds of treatments for different kinds of conditions and diseases. There are clinical research units working together with biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical companies to make the trials possible. The trials are done on volunteers both healthy and suffering from different diseases.

The trials mainly look at how the drug under observation gets absorbed in the body, its reaction with other kinds of medication and also interactions with food. These trials will also seek to find how long it takes for the drugs to be eliminated from the system. The trials involve blood sampling from the volunteers and you therefore have to be ready for the sessions and if at all you are to help the health professionals make any progress in finding better treatments.

How safe are the trials?

The major concern for many people when thinking about the clinical trials is just how safe they are. The fact is that they come with their share of risks but the professionals put effective measures to minimize the risks that come with these trials. Apart from having medical experts monitoring you throughout the trial period, the units are reviewed by ethics committee which is independent and you can therefore be reassured about your safety during the entire period. The committee has the mandate of making sure that all safeguards are in place before the clinical studies can begin.

Your safety is also taken into consideration before the trials in the sense that you have to be declared fit for the trials by your doctor. The selection criteria is important in ensuring that only individuals who can withstand the drugs are used for the trials since it can be fatal to use individuals who are under certain medications or suffering from diseases that are not in line with the drug that is under observation.

The medical experts and drug manufacturers highly rely on the medical trials to make progress in improving already existing drugs in the market or coming up with completely new drugs for different kinds of diseases. Volunteering for the clinical trials is therefore something noble. You will however receive allowances and payment for taking part in the trials and you therefore do not have to worry about facing any financial difficulties even at times when you have to take time off from work for the trials.

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