I’ve been noticing something in the world of late. Major shifts in consciousness are occurring and impacting us in BIG ways. There’s a karmic quickening going on. Those ‘on the path’ (i.e. lightworkers, conscious individuals, people committed to evolution and growth personally and collectively) all seem to be having their shadow activated. Anything from the past that has not be resolved, dealt with, released, or healed is coming up for us. It’s yet another opportunity for resolution and freedom. Such people are going through this karmic quickening in order to step fully into their roles in the coming years and be a light and a support for others. We can help others only to the extent that we’ve healed ourselves.

Fears, unacknowledged shadow, and karmic stuff is coming into the light of consciousness to be dealt with NOW! Wherever we’ve taken short cuts, avoided doing what we needed to do, or just plain sat on our butts, the Universe will now challenge us to make amends and clear it out. Those able to detach from ego and acknowledge the karmic reckoning are able to move through this time with wisdom, grace, and a light at the end of the tunnel. Those who are clinging to ego and perceiving the cause of these circumstances as being about everyone else but themselves are stuck in suffering. It will serve each of us well to look at present circumstances to see what part we’ve played in them. Inquire about how your past actions (or lack of actions) or attitudes contributed to your present circumstances.

The point in this is not to berate yourself, but to take responsibility! Taking responsibility is one of the fastest ways to change your experience, change your outcomes and change your destiny. Detach from the ego who needs to feel perfect and in charge; and look through the eyes of the Soul, accept that you’ve made mistakes, fallen short, etc. Be compassionate with yourself as you accept the truth about your past and your present and your role in their circumstances. This is coming up now because you’re fully capable of dealing with it and clearing it out once and for all. You may not feel capable, but if you dig deep, you’ll likely find that you are or will be by the end. To be able to see your own shadow and change yourself is a hard-won ability that will serve you really well and open the horizon of your future in ways you may not even imagine.

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