Two gorgeous red stones are associated with the number One.

The first ~ the Ruby ~ is the most valuable of all gemstones, even more valuable than the diamond. In some legends it was believed to have contained the bloodline of humanity and, therefore, represented the Sun. Use the ruby as a high energy stone for physical beauty. It can energize your spirit, increase your feelings of self-esteem, and is a great stimulator for professional progress.

The Garnet is a deep red stone which may be used to help attain your goals and lift you into a positive attitude, while preventing fear or insecurity. It helps to get rid of useless or old ideas from your life and move you forward. Garnets are considered very lucky stones in love and the attainment of goals. Wonderful stones to encourage success in business, they are sometimes called the executive’s stone. The Garnet has a very special quality to aid you ~ the ability to decrease willfulness. If you are strongly attuned to the energies of One, this is an excellent choice of stone because it helps bring balance.

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CJ Wright is an astrologer, numerologist and tarotist and serves as Co-Editor of the Numerology, Intuition and Symbols community at All Things Healing. CJ writes the Auntie Moon (astrology) and Year~Seer (numerology) blogs, and is the author of Year~Seer: The Nine Year Cycle of Life. CJ loves the symbolism of the signs and planets, gardening by the moon, and staying in sync with the signs and seasons.