It seemed surreal, like it was happening to someone else, and I was just watching. The words seemed to fall from her lips like they were encased in lead, “ You only have eight months to live.” At first, I could not believe what I was hearing. It was like I was having a nightmare, without being asleep.

The Doctor went on, ”You will need a liver transplant, and extensive drug therapy.” What? My mind screamed, but no sound was heard. After the initial shock wore down some, I rejected this option. No! I refused to become yet another statistic. Hepatitis C was doing it’s dreaded best to suck the life blood right out of me, yet I was not going to have it.

In our youth, we all seem to have a way of convincing ourselves that we are bullet proof, and that things like this “did not happen to us.” Yet here I was, surrounded by Doctors and nurses, all looking at me like I was but an inscription on a headstone. Things like this have a way of shaking us to the very core of our foundation. I was shook.
Having been raised to believe “that anything is possible,” I simply did not let this death sentence take root in my inner being. I was going to fight this, and beat it. I did not know exactly how I planned to do this, but I rejected the idea, of simply laying down and admitting defeat. One of the most powerful elements in my total recovery, was my determination. I would not give up the hope, that somehow I would look back on this day and think, “the Devil swung at me, and missed.”

Are you facing a similar demise? Have you been diagnosed with Hepatitis C, A or B? Do not give up. There is hope for recovery. I am not Superman, nor do I possess superhuman qualities, I simply did not accept the outcome projected by University Hospitals.

What are some of the options of treatment for Hepatitis?

I appreciate what Denise Moffat wrote in her article, "Natural Treatments for Hepatitis C" about her favorite treatments:

Her favorite treatments for hepatitis include:
1. Raw fruits/veggies (especially dark green foods, bitter vegetables, red fruits, and beets.)
2. Leafy Green Stuff (or some other green food–it really doesn’t matter too much what you choose.
3. Drink plenty of filtered, chlorine and fluoride free water to stay hydrated.
4. Exercise, but don’t overdo it. Walking is wonderful–especially on a consistent schedule.
5. Homeopathics specifically to bind and excrete the Hepatitis virus (I use Professional Health Formulations Hepatitis Nosode Drops.)
6. Emotional release work (to help dislodge the Emotional Cysts in the liver.)
7. Herbs to support the liver as needed including but not limited to: Milk Thistle (Also Called Silymarin), Burdock Root, Safflower, Licorice, Green Tea, Dandelion, Artichoke, Cordyceps Mushroom, Turmeric, and Peppers. Note: It’s important to take what your body needs but not more than it needs. The body has to process everything put into it. If there is extra, the liver has to work to get it out of the system.
8. Evaluation of current lifestyle habits and suggestions to decrease toxification.
9. Rebuilding of the cells with a Glandular/protomorphogen (I love Livaplex by Standard Process Labs(TM))
10. Abstinence from all alcohol products and any kind of drug that is processed through the liver (Tylenol, NSAIDS, some pain killers, and lots of other drugs are processed through the liver–ask your pharmacist and doctor about anything you put into your mouth!)
11. Work on relieving all anger and resentment issues in your life and dove-tail in forgiveness work. Anger and resentments are stored in the liver.
12. Managing liver-associated diseases: allergies, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, glaucoma and cancer.
13. Eliminating metaphors from your vocabulary having to do with anger, hatred, resentment, and being galled and stubborn.
Self-forgiveness seems to be one common obstacle to overcome in these particular cases. It is most important to understand that there was a reason why they contracted the disease, it taught them valuable lessons, but now it’s time to come to a resolution and move onto a healthier way of being.

Quercetin has also shown promise to many suffering from Hepatitis. According to John Richard Clarence

"It is estimated hepatitis C virus infects a worldwide total of 270 to 300 million people and unfortunately the conventional treatments interferon and ribavirin have serious side effects. Because of this need for an improvement in treatments, medical researchers want to find a new drug which zeros in on cellular proteins rather than viral proteins. This opened the door for quercetin to be considered as it has an anti-viral benefit. ... ....One of the advantages possessed by quercetin is that it targets cellular proteins instead of viral proteins, and so there is less of a chance a patient using quercetin would develop a viral resistance. The advantage here is cellular proteins cannot change like viral proteins are able to change."

We all have choices to make in everyday life. I chose to live and not die young. You too, have the same choice. Humans have an in-born desire to continue living, even when facing incredible odds. I used this desire to fuel my determination to beat this. So can you, if you do your research it just shows how many chances you really have. Whether its Denise Moffat's list or adding Quercetin to you arsenal of weapons against the Hepatitis virus, your attitude is the determining factor.

“The journey of a thousand miles, begins with that first step.” Take that step. Find those choices like I did to overcame Hepatitis C. Let my story inspire your soul to do the same. So that, you too, can look back and say: It looked as though there was no hope, but I would not give up. Today my Doctors are amazed to find that I now have the liver of a twenty-year old!

Author's Bio: 

Because of Johnny's extensive experience growing up in his father's medical clinic and work as the chairman of an analysis laboratory for over 8 years, combined with his professional experience and expertise in the nutritional and whole food supplement industry for over 24 years, Johnny has accumulated a reasonable understanding of nutrition and healing for the human body. His natural recovery from Hepatitis A, B and C has brought him into particular focus to develop good liver health. His goal is to help the world achieve healthy livers. The book Hepatitis C, CURED tells Johnny's complete healing journey and The Delirious Recovery Program is a comprehensive system showing exactly how Johnny went from 5.8 million HCV viral load to non detectable in four months time: According to Johnny: Natural Recovery from Hepatitis C is a Choice Not a Myth!