It's time to declutter and organise your home!

Are you: Consumed with clutter? Despaired by disorganisation? Embarrassed by the enormity of it all? Don’t feel overwhelmed any longer. It's time to get clutter-free and organised! The biggest projects start with one small step and Domestic Downsizing professional organisers are here to help.

The decluttering process starts with three simple questions: Do you love it? Do you need it? Is it useful? If you can’t answer yes to at least one of these questions out it goes!

Once you organise your wardrobe it's a simple step to use the same technique to everything in your life from the mundane to the massive. It starts with the bedroom, moves into the garage and storage rooms, and then into various aspects of your life which may either need attention to blossom or are holding you back from blossoming.

This short video could be the answer. Watch Kerri Rodley, Professional Organiser, Interior Stylist and Feng Shui Consultant with Domestic Downsizing - Declutter and Design as she takes you through a very simple process to declutter and organise your wardrobe – and your life.

Domestic Downsizing - Declutter Design Feng Shui. The name says it all.

Domestic – Create domestic bliss for homes & offices with tailor made decluttering, organising, decorating and Feng Shui packages.

Downsize – Decide what items are important, useful or beautiful in your home. Do you love it? Is it useful? Do you really need it? If you can't answer yes to one of these questions it is time to let it go.

Declutter – Develop sorting & organising solutions to control your possessions & your stress. Find your organising style and save $$$ by finding which organisational & storage products best suit your needs.

Design – Work with your current furniture and accessories using colour, space and styling ideas to create beautiful interiors that work for you.

Feng Shui - Enhance the flow of Chi (or energy) using Feng Shui techniques to create balanced & flowing spaces that you will love to live & work in.

Domestic Downsizing is here to help- no job is too big or too small.

Don't feel overwhelmed any longer – remember each mountain is conquered starting with one small step. The Domestic Downsizing team look forward to helping you and your family towards domestic bliss.

Professional Organising, Brisbane. Decluttering and organising your life is easy – know your style, know how you organise and start by decluttering your wardrobe.

Author's Bio: 

Kerri Rodley is the owner and founder of Domestic Downsizing – Declutter and Design, a professional organising business specialising in decluttering, organising, interior styling and Feng Shui.

Kerri has over 22 years experience in decluttering & organising, a Diploma in Interior Design, has been trained as a professional organiser by Australia's first accredited Expert Professional Organiser, is the Assistant Coordinator for the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers in QLD, is a Feng Shui Consultant having trained with Australia's leading Real World Feng Shui Practitioner and is the Secretary of the Association of Feng Shui Consultants in Australia

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