Ever tried to lose that awful weight that gathers around your hips, attaches itself to your buttocks and makes your thighs look like cream cheese? About 80% of the people reading this article have nodded and said Oh Yes!

As we all have different shapes [some might only have the fat on their hips and buttocks, while another battles with buttocks and thighs] it is pretty hard to target just one area but there is a way to target the pear shape and lose the unwanted pounds that hang around the buttock, hip and thigh area [Mainly aimed at the woman, this diet will also assist the man with the beer belly].

I am going to give you a 7 day menu, you will need to stick to it for at least 2 weeks before you notice a drop in weight, I recommend that you stick to it for as long as it takes to get your shapely hips and buttocks back to normal. Most ladies will probably be happy with the 2 weeks slog, but there are ladies out there that will need to grind away for at least 6 weeks [sad but true].

Before you start the diet, make yourself a weight chart, jot down the weight you started the diet with and measure your hips buttocks and thighs at this time as well [this will keep your morale up as you may lose inches before you notice a drop in weight or vice versa]. Men who are going to try lose their bellies with this diet should measure their belly at belly-button height.

7 Day diet

Day one

* natural yogurt [a medium glass full]
* a apple
* medium tomato - sliced thinly
* 1 slice of whole wheat/rye bread

* 200 g of lean meat/fish/skinless chicken - grilled, baked or steamed only
* One large mixed salad seasoned with lemon[tomatoes, onions, lettuce etc]
* one small whole wheat roll

A afternoon snack is allowed [boil some haricot beans and watercress for this]
* 1 slice whole wheat toast with 1 tables spoons each of the above cooked foods

* Steamed cauliflower covered in 25 g Edam cheese [grated]
* baked tomato
* haricot beans
* pudding can be 1 baked apple stuffed with a mixture of black current [any berry you like will do] and honey [about a teaspoon of each]
* 1 small glass of dry sherry as a aperitif/sun-downer/nightcap

Day 2

* 25 g mushrooms [steamed or boiled - not fried]
* Sausage - make sure its low in fat/calories
* 1 slice whole wheat toast
* a teaspoon of jam or marmalade

* 50 g cottage cheese - low fat
* 2 slices whole wheat bread
* lettuce
* fruit - preferably a handful of grapes

Afternoon snack
* Bowl of low fat soup or broth
* 1 small wholewheat or rye roll
* fruit - apple

* White fish - 150 g, baked in foil with red/green peppers, onion and dribbled with lemon juice
* 200 g potato [boiled in its jacket]
* vegetables - small portion of steamed cabbage, broccoli and marrows
* 1 small glass of dry sherry as a aperitif/sun-downer/nightcap

Day 3

* 1 egg - poached or boiled
* 2 slices whole wheat toast

* 2 tablespoons of haricot beans [boiled]
* large portion of mixed salad, season with lemon juice
* 1 slice whole wheat or bran bread
* fruit - large portion of melon

Afternoon snack
* 1 banana
* 1 small glass of low fat yogurt

* steak or skinless chicken - lean and grilled
* small portion of steamed cauliflower
* baked tomato
* haricot beans - 2 tablespoons
* small glass of dry white wine

Day 4

* 1 slice bran or whole wheat toast
* 2 tablespoon of low fat cottage cheese
* 1 sliced tomato

* 1 crispy whole wheat roll
* 50 g of lean ham
* lettuce
* fruit - apple

Afternoon snack
* 90 g of tuna [in water or own juice], drained, mixed into a salad and seasoned with lemon juice
* 2 crisp whole wheat rolls

* Grilled lean mutton chop [small - 100 g]
* mashed potato
* haricot beans - 2T
* small portion of steamed cauliflower
* a little gravy made from the chop drippings
* fruit - one orange
* Small glass of dry wine

Day 5

* all bran cereal [about 25 g]
* 1/2 cup fat free milk
* 1 small banana

* 100 g of shrimp [in own juice and drained if tinned] steamed
* portion of mixed salad [seasoned with lemon juice]
* fruit - one pear

Afternoon snack
* 1 slice whole wheat bread
* baked tomato
* 12 g Edam cheese[grated]

* 4 fish sticks [baked or grilled]
* boiled haricot beans [2T]
* tomato - baked or raw
* some watercress
* peas - not to many
* fruit - handful of grapes

Day 6

* glass of low fat yogurt
* fruit - a large piece of melon

* a piece of lean beef steak [grilled and about 150 g]
* 1 whole wheat bun
* Fruit - orange or pear

Afternoon snack
* bowl of soup
* two tomatoes
* four whole wheat slice of bread

* 100 g of boiled whole wheat spaghetti
* 50 g of lean boiled chicken [minced or sliced thinly]
* sauce to consist of a small tin of canned tomatoes, green/red peppers and garlic
* fruit - small banana.

Day 7

* Dice up the following fruit - apple, banana and pear
* 2 Tablespoons low fat yogurt
* mix to form a fruit salad

* 1 large slice bran/wholewheat bread
* lettuce
* 1 cold cut of lean meat [approx 25 g]
* some shredded cabbage
* fruit - kiwi fruit [can be mixed into the salad for the open sandwich]

Afternoon snack
* 50 g cooked whole wheat spaghetti
* sauce to consist of - cooked peas, spring onions, green/red pepper and a tomato
* use lemon juice to season

* using olive oil, lightly fry some onions, celery, peppers, ginger, garlic and canned tomatoes [small can]
* add 50 g minced or thinly sliced boiled chicken
* 2 Tablespoons of brown rice
* small glass of dry red wine

Men - if you are going on this diet, please include a extra potato and 2 slices of whole wheat bread daily, this is because your calorie intake should be higher than a woman.

Remember - [as with any diet] to ensure that you drink between 1 and 1/2 to 2 liters of water every day. Try to limit the amount of coffee and tea you drink during the day [weak tea/coffee with no milk or sugar if you just cannot resist]

This menu can be mixed and matched to suit your taste [but stick to it as close as it is written as much as possible]. As you will notice the fat content of this menu is very low - this is because the body only needs about 12 grams of fat a day, we tend to over do the fat with snacking on things like cake and sausages for example.

Something to ponder while following this diet - exercise - oh yes that dreaded word always pops up. While targeting the area to lose the weight why not try this exercise to tighten the buttocks and thighs - it worked for me.

Bum walk

You do just what it says, sit on your buttocks, with legs straight and flat on the floor. By lifting one buttock and moving your hip forward [and then the other buttock], you can actually move forward a few inches at a time. This walk tenses all the right muscles that have got loose and flabby, I try to walk about 10 meters at least 3 times a day [generally out of everyone's sight in the bedroom]

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