Human beings are Fructivorous (living on fruits, grains, and vegetables) and Frugivorous (Alapahar-Limited diet). Now, let us explore, enumerate, and explain the concept in the light of modern sciences.

1. Human Brain primarily lives on glucose, fructose, and oxygen for optimum contemplative mental functions.

2. Blood Sugar Level: Average: 111.618034 mg/deciliter. The blood sugar below 80mg/deciliter or above 140mg/deciliter is not conducive for optimum brain functions.

The Divine Message:

The prime objective of Yoga is to unite with Divine Nature-God and contemplative meditation.

Honest Questions:

What are the original Spiritual Science contributions of the people who do not eat at all?

How are they helping humanity and other living and non-living beings of the universe?

Can they get glucose and fructose from the atmosphere?

Can human beings produce carbohydrates within the human body?

The Conclusion:

For Yoga: Please eat fruits, grains, and vegetables in optimum quantity.

Please drink water at regular intervals to eliminate the toxins.

The percentage of water on the earth, human body, and human cells is 61.8034%.

The ideal percentage of the gross matter is 38.1966%.

This natural Divine Design is called Divyank Ratio.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer