Brain waves patterns are minute electrical signals emitted as electrochemical connections. The activity can be measured in Hertz and the signals are so weak though they are measured by a device called electroencephalograph or E.E.G.

Human brain is constantly thinking even when asleep and to be frightened, sleepy or relaxed are frequencies in the brain. When it is inactive it becomes brain-dead, a common occurrence with accident or stroke victims.

There are four types of patterns namely beta, controller of senses and critical for analysis where brains operate at the highest frequency of between 14 to 30 Hertz. Alpha has a 9 to 13 Hertz, is the relaxed state and all about day dreaming which disappears during sleep. Theta has a frequency of between 4 to 8 Hertz is near sleep.

Finally delta of 1 to 3 Hertz is when deep sleep is experienced, a perfect place for insomniacs to be at. Babies in the womb or adults under anesthesia are at this level.

Talents are associated with higher wavelength functions while learning and mental relaxation with lower. Millionaires rose to their current status after realizing the power of their brains at empowering them thereby uplifting their status.

Psychology, mental doctors and personal developers have used different states of consciousness to influence performance and thanks to the leaps and bounds of technology. The birth of entrainment has taken the very steps to new levels by utilizing patterns in the brain and the power it contains to unlock true potentials that otherwise would have remained locked forever.

Alpha rhythm has become booming business since its technique influences the mind and the emotions while use of sedative oils has achieved this very state leading to positive thoughts and visualization with ease, the very ingredients of mental power and harnessing of potential.

Experts in the game of love have concluded subconscious seduction and music, the right kind matching the right mood arouses the senses making great head ways to succeed in the game of love and a lasting impression for the recipient. Science has revealed chemical reactions and release of certain endorphins which make a person euphoric help in improving the body’s immune system in that way heals faster.

Understanding activity of the brain has helped some deal with problems arising from the day to day life by developing strategies to deal with a too active mind; for example, using relaxation techniques to calm it down or a dull one to increase alertness and energy by using music with the right kind of beat.

It is a common belief that the subconscious mind unleashes remarkable potential if only you understand the inner workings of the brain for instance, altering the patterns to achieve specific results.

The timely research on brain wave patterns has come when there is a growing endorsement for mental power. It has since been established that these wave patterns can be used to unearth the sub conscious power. This power comes with uncountable benefits if you can only understand it.

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