Did you know that only 2% of all women business owners ever crack the million-dollar revenue threshold? This Challenge is a call to all women entrepreneurs who have big dreams and multimillion-dollar ambitions.
There is a formula, a specific blueprint that Sandra Yancey will share, guide and teach you during her exclusive 5-Day Profit Priority Challenge.  
 Here's a sneak peek into what you're going to discover...

- Profit Strategy #1: Reimagine Your Results to be Bigger than Ever Before! - Discover Sandra’s #1 proven technique for landing big results! (We’re not talking simple goal-setting here.)
- Profit Strategy #2: Embrace and Build Your Big Dream (especially when it really scares you) - Learn Sandra’s blueprint to multiply your results and create massive transformation so that you can focus on your genius and have time for ALL the things that are important to you.
- Profit Strategy #3: Build a Team with STAR Players to Support You - Feel like you have to do it all to get it done right, and it's causing you to get farther and farther behind?  No one makes it alone!  Whether it’s contractors, employees or your accountability partner, discover Sandra’s “Talent Selection Formula” to select your first person the right way the first time. 
- Profit Strategy #4: Get to Work on the Things that Matter - Feel strangled by the weeds that choke all your energy and time? It's time to stop spinning your wheels or spending time on mundane busy-work that prevents you from being more profitable! Learn three profit-making strategies to expand your reach, attract dream clients, multiply your impact and make the cash register ring. 
- Profit Strategy #5: Growth Strategies for Scaling Your Business - Do you know you have a business that could serve millions, yet you haven't a clue what to do to scale it without sacrificing the other parts of your life that are important to you?  Simplify, streamline and become more efficient is the name of the game for scaling your business and serving more people who need you! Discover three systems/processes Sandra has used from the beginning that will allow you to fast-track your growth, expand your products and services and multiply your results.

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Amazing Content! Join Sandra Yancey, Founder & CEO of eWomenNetwork, as she shares her successful strategies on “How to S.C.A.L.E. Your Business for greater Impact, Revenue and Prosperity.” Sandra will unveil the keys to having a successful, thriving, profitable business. Visit www.ewomennetwork.com