On charminly.com you can easily find stunning Boutique Hotels in Italy for your next holiday. Find out selected hotels that offer a quite and peaceful environment. The hotels are luxurious and comfortable, located in beautiful areas, in different regions of Italy. So you can visit places of rare beauty, from small towns to big cities, from the countryside to the sea, and you'll stay in a spacious and beautiful rooms with frescoes on the walls, paintings, sculptures, old books, antique furniture, marble floors or wood, bathrooms with jacuzzi.

The Boutique Hotels are designed to offer you a complete vacation, where you can get away from work commitments and all the daily problems, you can get away from the usual routine. We believe that going on vacation means first of all take care of themselves and rediscover a life of harmony.

This is why many hotels have well equipped spas where you can be pampered with massages of all kinds, facial and body treatments to improve the appearance of your skin and your energy, take care of hands and feet, followed aromatherapy paths or color therapy. Whatever your age, stay young and active is a matter of attitude and take a break to find oneself is the real luxury of today. If traveling as a couple, the spa is an excellent opportunity to re-establish together complicity and understanding, remove tensions and find themselves as a couple.

On Saunas you can enjoy the invigorating and beneficial effects, cleanse the skin and eliminate toxins, reducing stress. In the jacuzzi of the spa, or in your room, you can dissolve all tensions and feel better in a few minutes.

On summer days, guests can spend time in the beautiful swimming pools, some of them with panoramic breathtaking views, take long swims or simply chill out and play if you go on holiday with your children.

Many Boutique Hotels organizes yoga classes that will help you find your balance, will teach you relaxation techniques, the importance of breathing and to regain consciousness of your body and your mind. If you are energetic people you can have fun in many fitness centers while you keep fit with a different type physical exercises.

In Boutique Hotels you will find specialized and professional staff that follows you and teaches you to take care of yourself. You can do all this during your vacation in Italy, staying in a hotel with a few rooms and a few guests. Forget the crowded places, even if you decide to travel in high season, you will always have a place dedicated to you, specifically designed to dedicate a few guests at a time.

Wake up every morning and begin a new day with happiness and positivity. You will eat your breakfast with healty food and you will appreciate the peace of your charming hotel. Booking a Boutique Hotels on charminly.com means to find only carefully selected facilities, located in the most beautiful places in Italy.

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