Many people still think of personal training as an ongoing extravagance for celebrities and high powered CEO's. However, there are very few individuals who could not benefit from at least a few sessions with a professional, and more and more people are realizing the value of such an investment.

If you're a novice exerciser, it's obvious why it would make sense to hire a personal trainer. Getting set up on the right program and learning proper technique will lower your risk of injury and help you get better results.

Experienced individuals can benefit by revising their current workout routine. Our bodies adapt to doing the same movements over and over, so changing your program can help you break through plateaus, keep you motivated and prevent boredom. For those who created their own strength training program from books, magazines, the internet or videos, a personal trainer can insure that the exercises are being performed correctly, in the proper order, and that all the major muscles are being worked. Exercising some muscles while neglecting others can result in imbalances and injury.

Busy professionals can utilize regular personal training sessions to help them maximize the efficiency of their limited time. Working with a trainer allows you to concentrate solely on the execution of each movement rather than setting up equipment, adjusting seats, recording information, etc. giving you more time to spend working out. You also have someone monitoring your technique and encouraging you to push yourself a little harder- both especially important if you're regularly crunched for time.

If you're interested in starting an exercise program, want to update your current regime or need some motivation or accountability, a certified personal trainer can help you safely get the most benefit from your time and effort.

Author's Bio: 

Mickey Glick is the owner of Body & Soul Fitness Studio, an all-women fitness center and No Pink Dumbbells Boot Camp, co-ed group fitness training, both in Lancaster, PA. She has worked in the fitness industry since 1995 and is a certified personal trainer.