Much more than traditional outpatient services, intensive outpatient treatment (IOT) is a higher level of treatment provided for long hours on weekdays, after work or school and weekends as well. The aim of such programs is all-round rehabilitation and thus it's based on:

  • Group Counseling
  • Management of Medication
  • Educational Classes &
  • Individual Therapy

Those who enroll for IOT suffer from acute or severe withdrawal, experience minimal substance abuse or have recently completed an inpatient treatment program. Therefore, most of them showcase co-occurring disorder that are healed with substance abuse and mental health therapies.

What is the Importance of Dallas Outpatient Treatment?

Patients in IOT receive professional rehabilitation services either part-time or based on their preferred schedule. This usually accommodates school and work obligations, but the patients have to visit the facility almost every single day. The Dallas intensive outpatient treatment program is usually meant for those:

  • Patients who don't require detox that is supervised by an expert
  • Immediately completed successful detox and use this treatment as a follow-up
  • Facilitate in recovery of patients, reducing the probability of relapse.

The main focus of IOTs is on the group therapies, yet along with this patients also get to be with individual therapist who monitor their results at least once a week. At times, they are recommend to attend the counseling session with their spouse or family.

There are many more additional classes offered along with Dallas outpatient treatment and these include: stress and anger management, how to control & manage cravings, relapse prevention techniques, understanding addiction and your brain, awareness on post acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS) and codependency education.

How Successful is Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

This program offers two major benefits that yields better and lasting results and these are:

  • The opportunity to provide treatment while the patients remain a comfortable environment, which allows them to practice the behavior that they learn through therapies and counseling.
  • The duration of treatment in outpatient treatment Dallas, TX is longer, which is influenced by the response of the patient and their severity.

The goals of IOTs is another game changer that ensures positive results. In this, at first the cycle of addiction is stopped by identifying internal & external triggers and then introducing compatible support systems through mutual activities or 12-step management. With this, the patients are able to realize the impact of addiction on professional and personal relationships and how maintaining a good lifestyle can be the difference.

Therefore, considering the objectives, stages of treatment and aftercare provided by outpatient treatment in Dallas this can be a good way to overcome the dramatic consequences of addiction.

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