Consumers Reports recently named Jenny Craig as the number one diet in America. Disbelief reigned throughout the diet community once this assertion hit the media. More egregious was those who came in second and third, Slim Fast and Weight Watchers. The other top programs were a combination of celebrity backed diets or other commercial ventures. None of these diet regimens have published peer reviewed scientific data to support their contentions. Further, they all have large advertising budgets, could their be causal relationship with these top picks and magazine revenue. Comsumers Reports claims neutrality in all testings, evaulations and researches.Yet, the stench of bias is written all over their exhortations. Economics was in the minds of those whose imagination conjured up this list.

Americans are dying in record numbers. The very sustenance that keeps us alive is the hammer by which we are meeting our demise. Food products with high concentrations of sugar and saturated fats are leading the charge that is making us ill. Excellent research abounds that is accessible across the internet, displaying which are the best diet regimens to follow. With 26 million diabetics and tens of millions of prediabetics our country is awash in a disease that is preventable in its adult format. Recently a British study discussed the use of a restricted calorie diet in a group of diabetics to see if the disease could be ameleriorated or cured. CAT scans of the pancreases of these individuals before starting their restricted regimens displayed organs with approximately 8% of their volume containing fat.

After instituting food restriction the fat content dropped to 6%. More surprising insulin requirements for these patients was reduced substantially,in some patients none was required. These amazing results are well documented and reproducible. Ongoing longevity studies display such restricted diets keep lab animals alive much longer than their litter mates. Human testing is difficult because of our long lifespans, yet many people believe the results would be the same. The western diet is a killer and it continues to kill. When sensible minds prevail and take the sugar and fats out of our foods cardiac and diabetic deaths will drop to nil.

Author's Bio: 

Mark Davis, MD
author of the Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide for
Rapid Weight Loss.