You may be seeking a way to earn a decent income or you might be looking for a purpose in life, something which makes you and perhaps others feel good emotionally. If so this may well be something worth considering. Over the years I have met a lot of psychics, mediums and Tarot card readers, whenever I advertised for staff I would get up to a hundred people apply for each job. The thing that made you realise that they are alike is that they were driven and focused people who wanted more to life than what was handed to them on a plate. Otherwise each was totally unique and they had little in common.

Are you someone who wants more to life? Is your life totally fulfilling now or could you do with another interest to add to your list and another way to earn some money to help pay the bills?

To heal others is a wonderful thing. But whenever you help another you are helping and healing yourself. Each act of kindness that you perform for another helps you to grow and mature and become the best you can be, it also lays to rest any anxieties you have and calms you.

There are other ways that you can help others but many of them require a huge investment of time or money or both before you can commence. With psychic jobs you can simply be suitable and commence straight away. Most of the staff that came to me were people who were talented, with a lot to offer others, very caring, yet had never worked as a full-time professional and had only done a few readings.
I often found that the ones who had been supposedly doing readings for years were less talented and skilled than the newcomers to it.

Developing your gift is easy, it just requires some time and patience. You may be drawn to and suited to doing Tarot card readings, or it might be that you are a natural medium or can use a crystal ball. With so many methods to choose from you can find at least one that suits you and your talents.

Make it your goal to get into this field if only for your own personal development. You will soon find that helping others becomes addictive and the more you do it the more you feel the need to.

If you are already involved in some sort of healing work of any sort then this is all the more reason to consider this.
You have already proved you have the right personality,
the right attitude, the drive, so why not use it for this too? You could double your customer base and double your income.

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Rosemary Price, recommended by experts, celebrities,
the Press, radio and television. A qualified professional with over thirty years as a full-time professional.