EFT is most often thought of as a way of dealing with emotional or physical problems, and part of the tapping process is to name and tap on the negative emotions that you feel around any given situation. What many people don’t realize, however, is that EFT can also be used to intensify the good feelings you experience.

For most of us, listening to music brings back memories. Most often they are good memories of happy times, the kinds of memories that make you smile and look back with nostalgia.

There are certain songs that bring me right back to a certain day and time and a particular incident, with a clarity that almost leaves me feeling like I’ve jumped into a time machine. I absolutely LOVE listening to those kinds of songs.

A while back I was working on something related to my business, while also listening to some music. A song came on that I always loved, “You Can’t Sit Down” by the Dovells. I loved to dance when I was younger, and this song has the kind of beat that makes me stomp my feet and bounce around in my chair. Hearing the song bought back such a flood of happiness and a connectness to my lost youth that I was grinning from ear to ear.

My reaction, without really thinking about it, was to tap along with the music. No setup, no words, just a total focus on all those good feelings. By the end of the song I was feeling wonderful, and just couldn’t stop smiling.

Now I make it a habit to tap along with any songs I hear that make me feel especially happy, or particularly relaxed and at peace. Again, no words, just tapping (literally!) into all those good feelings.

Why not give it a try? Most of us have some favorite songs that we love hearing. For many of us, our focus is too often on the negative. Why not instead accentuate the positive by tapping in all the good things you feel from your own favorite songs?

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