Many people believe that they know everything they need to know about the various types of foods to eat to lose weight, when in reality, they are completely wrong. This is not entirely their fault, since there are so much wrong and inaccurate information out there! Many people who post such information related to nutrition actually have never had a course on weight loss or nutrition for that matter!

Did you know that egg yolk is actually the best part of the egg? I am sure you will disagree violently with me. But follow me as I explain below.

If you were to simply throw away the egg yolks, and consuming only the egg whites, you are potentially throwing away the most antioxidant-rich and mineral loaded part of the egg! Yolks are so full of nutrients that it is simply not possible to list all of them out in this article.

Relatively, egg whites are much lower in nutritional value compared to the egg yolks. Although egg whites consist of a relatively higher level of proteins, but in actual essence, it is the egg yolks which make the proteins in eggs to be easier and more effectively digested by our bodies!

Many people, will be having a thought or question in your minds now, and that is egg yolks are very high in cholesterol and eating them will result in higher risk to our health! That is false!

Firstly, your body will produce cholesterol naturally as it is crucial for your body to function healthily. If you were to consume eggs, which has a good amount of dietary cholesterol, your body will reduce its natural production of cholesterol. Also, eggs will increase your good cholesterol levels by a large amount more than bad cholesterol levels.

So how exactly do egg yolks help you lose weight?

Egg yolks are extremely dense and filled with nutrients which basically raise the levels of nutrient density of calories taken in if you were to eat whole eggs instead of only egg whites! This will aid in keeping your appetite in check, so that less overall calories will be consumed by you.

Also, the fats contained in whole eggs will help in sustaining a fit level of fat-burning hormones within your body! Therefore, make sure that you research prudently first before blindly believing that some food is not good for your health or weight loss simply because everybody says so!

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