Depression is a mental condition which leads to sadness and losing of interest in once pleasurable activities. Neurologists in NYC underline that depression can be manifested differently in every person. Moreover, the symptoms of diagnosing depression are considered to be the same regardless of gender, but the clue complaint can differentiate in men and women. For this reason, we decide to create a list of signs of depression in men.
Sign #1 Psychological Symptoms
One of the consequences of depression is a series of physical and emotional changes. People experiencing depression can have such symptoms as slowing down of speech, physical movements and thought processes which are known as psychomotor retardation. Neurologists in NYC claim that physical symptoms and fatigue are more common in men than in women.
Sign #2 Sleeping Troubles
Men usually suffer from two sleeping disorders which accompany depression. The first one is insomnia when a person wakes up early in the morning, wants to have some more sleep but can’t. The second one is excessive sleeping when an individual sleeps more than 12 hours a day and still feels exhausted.
Sign #3 Ache
Depressed people can also have such health problems as constipation or diarrhea, headaches or back pain. However, many men are not aware of the fact that digestive disorders and chronic pain are symptoms of the depression.
Sign #4 Irritation
Depression is usually associated with sadness; nevertheless, many people experience emotional component accompanied by irritation. Experts notice that men feel irritated because of the constant negative thoughts.
Sign #5 Difficulties in Concentration
We have already mentioned psychomotor retardation as one of the symptoms of the depression; this condition slows down the ability to process information which also influences the quality of concentration on work. To say it simply, you just think about negative things all the time, thereby making it difficult to concentrate on something else.
Sign #6 Anger
Some men tend to manifesting depression by being aggressive and hostile. It happens because man realizes that something is wrong (and can’t definitely find out what it is) and tries to compensate it by demonstrating that he is still strong. Anger is considered to be a stronger emotion than irritability.
Sign # 7 Stress
Recent research has shown that stress can have two sides. First, after prolonged exposure to stress, a person can experience changes in the body and brain which lead to depression. Second, it can be the indicator of having clinical depression. It doesn’t mean that individual has more stress; it’s that he or she tends to express his or her feelings in public, thus, admitting the problem.
Sign #8 Abusing
Depression is frequently accompanied by substance abuse. Experts say that it is connected with the desire to mask uncomfortable feelings rather than seeking health care. Moreover, people prefer to use all available chemicals to prove their ability to fix the problem without professional help.
If you notice more than three signs, maybe it’s time to consult with your doctor?
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