The National Foundation for Teaching Young Entrepreneurs (NFTE) has been educating young kids on how to start and maintain a successful business since 1987. NFTE has teachers across the country conducting classes for high school students on how to turn their ideas into profit making successful business plans. NFTE has reached over 230,000 students since its founding, including these three inspiring stories from Chicago:

Ariell Buckingham had dreams of becoming an actress before she was crowned Global Young Entrepreneur in April. After obtaining an education about entrepreneurship she formulated a profitable idea in which she offered her talent to be hired to entertain at children’s birthday parties. Ariell, at 17 years old has earned herself $10,600 through her company Smile Entertainment and has no plans for stopping; in fact she foresees expansion in the future.

It was clear that Zoe Damacela was born with an entrepreneurial spirit when she started selling greeting cards at the age of 7. Zoe owns and operates a dress company that has sold over 300 dresses in the past four years, making her a $5,000 profit. Not too shabby considering she started making clothes for herself at age 14, which expanded into her and her friends, now she has her own web-based business, and she still has yet to complete a high school diploma.

Corey Barksdale started singing at the age of 3, and learned to play the piano, saxophone, and guitar not long after. Corey never dreamed that his lifelong passion for music would turn into anything lucrative, however after completing an entrepreneurship class his junior year of high school he thought differently. Corey now runs a music company Key Studios, and is hosting his first event Chicago Praise including inspirational singers at the New Beginnings Church on the south side of Chicago on July 31. Tickets are selling for $10 and $15.

Let these young ambitious souls inspire you and your entrepreneurial desires. Get yourself a business coach today and find out how to kick start your dreams into realities! It’s never too late. . or early.

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