So, you’re looking for a deeper, sexier speaking voice but you’ve got a nasal twang. Does this mean that you’re stuck with a high-pitched voice? No. Is it possible to have a better sound? You bet!

Most people are not speaking at their optimum pitch or within their optimum range. The result is a voice that tends to be higher in pitch than it should be because the sound is being forced from the throat and voice box.

If the voice has a nasal quality, on the other hand, then the sound is being directed through the nasal passages. When this happens, the pitch of the voice sounds very high since the vibrations are being amplified in the nose and the cheeks of the face.

There is absolutely no doubt that you will have a better sound once you take your voice away from your nose and the mask of the face. However, if you learn to use your chest as your primary sounding board, you may discover a much deeper voice reminiscent of that of James Earl Jones, Sean Connery, George Clooney Peter Coyote, Vin Diesel, or the late Michael Clarke Duncan. The difference between their voices and yours is the difference in placement.

Maybe your pitch is not quite as deep as those six gentlemen. However, a voice that is powered by the chest cavity and is not being amplified in the nasal cavities, will definitely be deeper in pitch than your present, habitual sound.

If you listen to the voice of Kevin Spacey, it is not a deep bass sound but it is one of the best voices in Hollywood because of his diction and the warmth in the quality of his tone. In truth, it is the warm voice that is so inviting, so alluring to women. While depth in pitch has a lot to do with a great sound, it is not the only aspect of a resonant, sensual voice.

If you would like to discover your ‘real’ voice, that richer, warmer, sexier sound, learn to:

1. enunciate your words along the floor or your mouth and not through the passages of your nose; and,
2. use your chest to power your sound so that you can talk within the optimum range of your speaking voice.

You definitely have a deeper voice inside and voice training can help you find it. Don’t let nasality smother your more masculine sound.

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