Why is it important to build muscle? I have found over the years and especially as we get older it is critical to exercise to maintain the muscle we have. As we get older our muscles become weak if we don't use them. That's when the problems start to occur, such as osteoporosis, arthritis and bad blood circulation.

Now I'm not saying this will never happen to us. Exercising will help slow down or prevent the process. It helps the muscles and bones stay stronger for a longer period of time. Nobody can stop aging but I know for a fact that regular workouts truly helps to alleviate the problem.

Exercising also helps in losing weight. By adding resistance training to your routines you are turning your body in to a fat burning machine. There is no better exercise to burn fat and lose weight than resistance training and I mean working out with weights. Resistance bands help but nothing beats good old weights.

One point I want to make before going moving on. There is that myth that if women work out with weights they are going to get big muscles. Not so! You will get toner than just doing cardio and burn twice as much fat. That's a fact ladies. You want to increase your metabolism start using weights. Dumbbells will work fine. Start with five pounds and then move up as needed. I find women are more comfortable with dumbbells to start. After your comfortable with dumbbells you can always move to a barbell.

So how do we go about exercising to build muscle. First you will have to find exercises that will add muscle. I always find that building big body parts first usually work the best. What are big body parts? Back, chest, Legs and arms. These body parts build muscle fast with the right exercise and doing the workouts correctly.

Now we need to find exercises for the body parts stated above. I will give you one exercises for each body part.

1. Chest - Bench Press/Dumbbells or Barbell

2. Back - Seated Rows/Bent Over Rows

3. Legs - Squats/Dumbbell Squats

4. Arms - Standing Curl/Dumbbells or Barbell

I would work your abdominal muscles before starting this program. It's better to do abdominal muscles first to loosen up your body especially the back. I always like to do abdominal muscles exercises first they just seem to prepare my body for the workout ahead. That's just my opinion you can work them at the end if you want to.

I would workout three times a week with weights and either do cardio on off days or after working out.

If you follow this exercise routine and give it your all. Which means not missing your workouts unless you are sick you should see good results in about six to eight weeks.

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Marc Ouellette is a certified personal trainer who has helped many people reach their goals by incorporating strength training, cardiovascular exercise and nutritional guidance.