People exercise to get fit. Though exercising may result to mild muscle soreness, pain may indicate injury. Most exercises carry a certain amount of injury risk. There are certain exercises, however, that pose a higher risk to your well being. Your fitness success depends on your ability to execute exercises that show results. Knowing which exercises may hamper your success will save you a lot of grief, literally.

Lat pull downs behind the head are done sitting on a machine with a weighted cable bar overhead. You reach for the bar and pull it over your head and neck. Potential injuries include hitting the back of the neck with the bar. If you have weak shoulder joints, the risk of shoulder impingement is a real threat. Instead, use a narrower grip and bring the bar down in front of you, to the breastbone. Military presses behind the head carry the same potential for injury as lat pull downs. Instead of isolating the shoulders, choose exercises that work the shoulders as well as the large muscles.

Upright rows have the potential to impinge the shoulder, compressing the nerves. Bent over rows provide a safer alternative. This is a safer exercise that uses all the back muscles as well as the biceps. Bend forward at the hips and hold weights down beneath the shoulders. Lift the weights towards the sides of your body. Go back to your original position and repeat. Lateral and front shoulder raises can also replace upright rows. Using improper footwear can make you prone to injuries. It can increase joint stress and may cause tendinitis or plantar fasciitis. Choose a pair of shoes that fit you well. Shoes for your specific exercise needs are also recommended.

Lying leg press can do damage to your spine if you bend your knees too deeply. Usually heavy weights are used because you are working the big muscles of the legs. This exercise can potentially damage your back muscles, the spinal discs and your knees. Squats or lunges using your own body weight are safer alternatives. Cardio machines can give you problems if not used properly according to your capacity. Avoid steep inclines on the treadmill if you're not up to it. You have to maintain proper form. Using the handrails to get your balance is fine. However, holding on to it for the duration of your workout means you have to decrease your pace.

Getting an exercise related injury is a serious setback. Avoiding this is important if you want to improve your health. Acquiring an injury is exactly the opposite of what you're striving to achieve.

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