When there is full stop on every effort that we have made in fulfilling our desires and yet the ice is not breaking, we surrender to the higher power which is termed as God, Allah, Jesus and what not.

Here we expect miracle. And miracle happens to those whose faith level reaches to abundance.

You must have seen miracles may have happened in the history of your life and others lives which is considered as part of reality labeled as non-scientific but mystical. Science translates the term mystic into mistake while the secret is that mystic is my-stickiness to my faith.

Miracles are part of everyone's life the way they are part of nature and all other creations in cosmos. It is indeed a miracle that this earth is hanging without any support or pillar or base in space. It is indeed a miracle that every morning when you wake up you are breathing but unaware of the fact that your breath is taken care in your deep sleep where you are totally unconscious.

It is miracle when you eat food and get digested without your knowing. Your body segregates all necessary vitamins, proteins and nutrition without disturbing your routine. You may be busy in your day to day living and your body is working on the digestion process.

Shortly author will share some of the miracle he has witnessed in his life. After reading it if you feel inspired you may share some of your miracles too as author believes that in every life on this planet and beyond miracles are bound to happen. Miracles are inevitable. So be ready for it. When you expect miracle It happens for sure. Also when you expect troubles they do have tendency not to disappoint you. So why not expect miracles!

Here are few miracles witnessed by author. Author was born without presence of any doctor at home and he was absolutely in normal condition when someone saw him after 30 minutes.

Author learned singing without any formal training right from the age 8 and started performing on stage without any stage fear.

Author performed his first public speech in front of 5000 people at the age of 12, and was declared as the best speaker without going through any public speaking course.

Author became self reliant at the age of 16. He left home and unschooled himself to learn through life and throughout life.

Author traveled half of India on foot without any currency in his pocket and survived gracefully building dynamic relationships with people.

Author learned playing flute in less than 10 minutes the day he saw flute for the first time in his life. Since then he loved playing flute for self-peace and bliss.

Author started dot paintings without any formal training. These dot paintings are created without any thoughts involved. They are the expressions of feelings which are vibrating all the time in us.

Author got jaundice in 2004 while his visit to Switzerland. He came back to India and healed jaundice without medicines within 20 days.

Author recovered from major accident in one week without any stitches on head injury through meditation and silence and no food.

Author delivered his son at home without any gynecologist and vaccinations.

Author started gazing sun for hours and hours the way we watch television and now most of the time he survives on sun energy.

You may also have witnessed miracles in your life so why not list it and expect more miracles in your life.

Author's Bio: 

Manavji Sahaj is a life healer. He has travelled all over India and has worked with lakhs of children and youth. He has dedicated his life to help people for self learning and self healing. He is associated with Sri Rupaji Anant Charitable Trust (Mumbai), Sri M. N. Shukla B.Ed College of Education (Ahmedabad), SGA Education Institute (Ahmedabad), Suyam Charitable Trust (Chennai).