Research and Development in the field of Health and Fitness has made our lives easier in a lot of ways but still life today has gone very complicated due to variety of information we hear and analyze everyday. We now are more confused about our lifestyles and dietary needs than ever before, as these two factors directly relate to our health.

The term Healthy Food was not quite as wide spread as it is nowadays, as everything we eat is directly related to our health, which is definitely going to be affected by our dietary habits. Previously, diet was expected to be related with what and when we feel hungry but this is not the criteria nowadays.

We now have more knowledge available in all fields which is very beneficial to a lot of fields. In case of food however, more information about nutrition and nutritional facts have led people to become more food conscious, having more fears about their own dietary habits.

Everyone wants to stay fit but unhealthy routines, irregular meals, immense work load and peer pressure has already hit us all before we could counter it. So we cannot stop thinking all about food, with a more anxious approach.
There is also a lot of information about nutrition available on the internet but avoiding every unhealthy food ingredient while selecting a complete and healthy diet is still not easy on a daily basis. There are things you cannot avoid eating due to certain factors like; it being your favorite food, you being accustomed to eating it, unavailability of a good alternative etc.

The reality is that though we are advised to get a nutrition mix with more natural food and less processed food, but it is almost impossible these days to switch to raw food without depending upon processed items. Many food giants has simplified it so much for us that we find it hard to get to some healthy food.

Many of the things advised by the nutritionists are not readily available and the diet plans are so unrealistic to follow. So mostly we switch to previous patterns instead on going into the hassle of getting and using them.

Also increasing trend of hotel, fast-food pizza outlets and restraints have also contributed towards having unbalanced eating habits. This makes us almost mentally-crippled us when it comes to food, with so much variety. One feels completely lost even if he wants to have some health food in such a situation.

So here we are in the latest century bombarded with so much information that we have forgotten all about food pleasures we used to have like our forefathers. The need of the time is to simplify things, based on simple nutritional facts and apply them effectively.

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