Your blog posts usually take time and effort to create so it only makes sense to get as many people as possible to read what you wrote! When you post updates consistently it becomes fairly easy to literally 'buried' your previous entries with the next new blog post! Ideally you want to get as much 'mileage' out of every new blog post as possible by keeping them in front of readers for as long as you can!

Below you'll find 5 suggestions as to how you can get more people to read what you wrote every time you post updates to your site!

Plug Ins

There are numerous widgets that you can use that automatically 'suggest' related posts to your readers located on your site! Now these plug-ins actually serve 2 purposes for you as the blogger insofar as they make internal linking a breeze while also getting more viewers to read what you wrote in previous entries!

Internal Links

Manually inserting internal links is still something you should do every time you post updates to your platform! The discussion above spoke of the merits associated with using plug-ins to link to related entries and this still stands true! At the same time however by also inserting manual links you can send readers to any entries of your choosing! Don't rely entirely upon plug-ins to make all the right choices for you!

Dust Them Off

Some updates may contain information that becomes outdated over time! Search for some of your most popular updates, review them for current relevance, update and circulate as new! It is completely acceptable to take any 'dated' material you may have previously published and use it as the basis for your next new blog post!

Submit As Articles

If you submit articles, and you should, you can use the basis of any articles to compose a new blog post! On the flip side you can also use the premise behind any blogging content you've published to compose a new article as well! The long and short is that by submitting articles you can send readers directly to your blogging platform by placing the link in your resource box! Both strategies work great for increasing exposure and traffic!

Don't Be Afraid to ReTweet

One great thing about Twitter is it doesn't take much to compose a tweet since the site limits the length of your message! The bad thing here however is your tweet is only seen 'live' for a very short period of time so its 'shelf life' is almost non-existent! The solution is to simply retweet your message frequently so more people get the chance to click on your link and read what you wrote! No fuss no muss!

Understandably you should be proud of each and every one of your blog posts since you invested the time and effort to create them! The reality is that in most cases each new blog post has a short 'life span' since they're usually pushed deeper into the archives every time you post updates! The 5 suggestions discussed above are simple strategies you can use every time you publish another new blog post so that you'll get more people to read what you wrote! After all the content you offer is only of value if readers view it! These suggestions serve to help you get more views by keeping your content in front of readers and NOT making them have to dig it up from your archives!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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