Extraterrestrial life has been debated by scientists many times over the centuries. Over the years, a lot of evidence has pointed towards the existence of alien life forms.

However, scientists have been largely skeptical. In 1980, NASA posited that extraterrestrial beings did not exist. In 2018, renowned theoretical physicist, Jim Al-Khalili, echoed the skepticism by posting a comprehensive article in The Guardian.

As we examine these studies and postulations, it’s hard not to consider the lapses that science has made time and again. Up until 50 years ago, scientists hadn’t discovered a single planet outside the solar system. Science, therefore, is not the only pathway to accurate answers.

And while scientists are skeptical about the existence of extraterrestrial life, they’re not all on the same page. National Geographic, Live Science, and a wide range of other credible platforms are open to the existence of extraterrestrial life. Numerous other studies conducted by renowned astronomers indicate the presence of alien life forms.

However, people often cling to the few studies that indicate otherwise. Is it possible that scientists are wrong? Is it possible that science simply hasn’t tapped into concrete evidence that points towards the existence of extraterrestrial life? Yes, very much so. In fact, a lot of people still take scientific negations of alien life forms with a grain of salt, as they should.
In this blog, we’ll dive deep into why the denial of extraterrestrial life isn’t as substantial as it’s made out to be. Continue reading!

Chemical Signatures of Extraterrestrial Life on Mars

In 1976, NASA’s Viking landers performed multiple tests on Martian soil. In one particular experiment, Martian soil samples were tested for the production of radioactive methane gas, which would suggest that the nutrients in the soil were being metabolized. This, in turn, would confirm that the soil samples included traces of chemical evidence of life.

To many scientists’ disbelief, the test came back positive. In fact, one of the original scientists re-analyzed the data and confirmed that the findings still held true decades later. Despite the overwhelming evidence, scientists remained skeptical. This skepticism has lingered to this day.

Indication of Alien Life Forms on Venus

When it comes to studies on the existence of extraterrestrial life, science often contradicts… science! Despite having the same set of results, scientists disagree about what the findings indicate. While there may be concrete data that proves the existence of alien life forms, scientists could end up analyzing the results very differently. This has largely been the case with the existence of alien life forms.

In recent news, scientists revealed that they had discovered possible life on Venus, which is right next to Earth. A group of astronomers from across the globe worked on this study together. They found traces of a very specific chemical that’s created by living beings, in the clouds from Venus. The Washington Post revealed that this chemical is called phosphine. Scientists confirmed their guess and further stated that phosphine is directly linked to not just any living activity, but human activity.

While this news should have been groundbreaking, it wasn’t because of the contention that prevailed. However, once you set the contention aside, it’s easy to see that this isn’t just another study. It suggests that Venus is potentially home to living beings that share several attributes of humans. While we don’t exactly know what these attributes are, we do know that there’s some form of human-like activity on Venus.

So are the scientists who continue to refute this evidence simply wrong? Very likely so. NASA stated that the findings can only be substantiated once a spacecraft is sent to Venus for further exploration of the planet’s atmosphere. While additional research will help, it’s important to note that current findings shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand.


UFO (unidentified flying object) sightings aren’t uncommon today. However, they’re not all valid. In many cases, what’s presumed to be a UFO turns out to be an airplane, military experiment, missile test, lighting, or even odd cloud formation.

In order to get closer to the truth, it’s important that we demarcate unrealistic UFO sightings from realistic and potentially valid UFO sightings. When speaking of the latter, there has been a lot of evidence. In fact, Bloomberg recently published an article that urges people to take valid UFO sightings more seriously.

Some of the most compelling evidence comprises the USS Nimitz encounter in 2004, the Stephenville sightings in 2008, and the Rendlesham Forest incident in 1980, among several others.

The Hidden Truth

One of the primary reasons why scientific denials of extraterrestrial life should be taken with a grain of salt is because they don’t leave much room for subjectivity. By solely prioritizing objectivity, scientists fail to see the bigger picture and recognize that the truth goes beyond tangible data and concrete results.

By diving deeper and seeking wisdom, people can get a better grasp on extraterrestrial investigations, evidence, and cover-ups. By working with experienced spiritual healers, people can start their spiritual journey towards becoming enlightened and seeking truths that have been intentionally suppressed for centuries.

Channeling interviews and divine inspiration sessions are designed to help people interact with UFO researchers and explore hidden insights.

In The Dark Extraterrestrial Agenda, renowned scientist, healer, and channeler, Karl Mollison, explores the origins and overview of the extraterrestrial problem. While lack of scientific evidence may compel people to shut themselves off to the idea of alien life forms, broadening one’s perspective is imperative to understand the dangers of extraterrestrial life.

Not only do alien life forms exist, but they’re also not as friendly as we may think. In fact, there’s deeply malevolent intent that should be recognized so people can take measures accordingly.

In his book, Mollison confirms that fleeting UFO sightings and mysterious accounts of extraterrestrial activity shouldn’t be taken lightly; they’re actually reflective of reality. Extraterrestrials are here—they just don’t want to be noticed. He discusses their agenda in detail, including alien environmental destruction, mind control manipulations, healthcare interference, lifestyle degradation, and more, leading towards a planned annihilation of humanity.

Explore the book in detail to gain more insights, and understand why it’s important to look at extraterrestrial life from a different perspective.

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