Divorce is what married couple dreads. It’s traumatic, it’s unpleasant and it’s impractical. But no matter how couples try to work things out in their marriage sometimes it’s impossible to have any other solution. Everybody who has gone through it will tell you that it doesn’t end when you get your status back, the lingering effects of divorce can last through months and some even years.

There are still post divorce issues that you have to face and deal with. Some of these post divorce issues can be quite difficult. Post divorce issues include spiritual, emotional, mental and financial issues. I believe that before you can take care of your spiritual, emotional and mental concerns, you have to iron out your finances first.

It can be quite hard to reflect on your spirituality and emotions in an empty stomach or pocket. To straighten out your finances you have to check your assets and liabilities. If you are lucky enough to be left with your marital house then you can consider that as a huge asset.

Selling your marital house can give you a fresh start both financially and emotionally. Moving in to a new house can give you a new perspective. Another asset to consider is child support or alimony, depending on your settlement. If you are granted to receive alimony then consider that as an additional asset but if the court demands that you have to pay some monthly dues for alimony then list that on your liabilities column.

After checking your assets, check your liabilities. Your liabilities include your credit card, car loans and insurances. In sorting out your credit card debt, start listing from them from the highest interest rate to the lowest. Now that you don’t have your partner to share in paying the credit cards, its wise to pay off the once with the highest interest rate and settle having credit cards that you can financially manage.

Another way of financially handling your post divorce issues is to start living within your means. Tally out your expenses and income. If your expenses exceed your income then its time to cut back on your unnecessary expenses or expenses that you can live without. Like cutting off your landline when you already have a cellphone, selling your family car and buy a much cost and gas efficient car.

It’s healthy to pamper yourself sometimes especially in an after divorce state, where shopping, going to the salon or spa can be a perfect therapy. You have to keep this on a minimum because before you know it, you will be struggling on where to get your next lunch money.

It’s vital that you know the difference between a need and a want. Another financial post divorce issue to consider is finding another means and ways to increase your income. If you have a calculating mind for business, be an entrepreneur. If you make great pastas and cakes, make a profit out of it.

If you have the talent for writing, try applying to be a freelance writer. This is the time to exercise that brainpower. Financial post divorce issues are not permanent. All you need is a bit extra hard work along with a lot of patience, perseverance and compromise and you will soon recover from your limited state.

Remember the goal here is to free yourself from financial bankruptcy so that you can recover from your emotional impoverishment. It’s all right to be stringent and wise about money but never ever let it live your life for you.

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