If you are a new mother, then it is an excellent idea to learn several first-aid procedures. One of the best ways to understand first-aid methods is by enrolling in a class that is taught by a registered nurse. Local hospitals and fire departments often offer first-aid classes that only require paying for a textbook.

Removing a Splinter

As your child begins to crawl, she will touch wooden surfaces with her bare feet or hands. If your daughter gets a splinter underneath her skin, then you can remove it without worrying about visiting a pediatrician. First, use a rubbing alcohol swab to wash the wound, and also, clean the tweezers with hot water. Use the tweezers to pull out the splinter carefully to keep it from breaking. To prevent an infection from the splinter, make sure to sanitize it several times a day.

Performing Artificial Respiration

Artificial respiration is an important first-aid procedure when a child isn’t breathing. Turn your son onto his back before removing any debris from his mouth. Tilt his head back slightly to open his airway. For a small child, you must place your mouth over his nose and mouth to breathe gently into his airway while watching for his lungs to expand. When you are in a first-aid class with a nurse, she will teach you how to perform artificial respiration on dolls or dummies.

Stabilizing a Broken Bone

When you are a mom, there is a good chance that your child will break a bone. Children typically break a bone in an arm or leg, and you may need to stabilize the injury while transporting your daughter to an emergency room. You can improvise a splint for a broken bone by wrapping a magazine around the limb and tying it on with strips of cloth. If the broken bone has pierced the skin, then you may need to apply pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding. Make sure to protect this open wound from additional pathogens by placing a clean cloth over it.

Take an Online Healthcare Course

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