Only Certain People Can Be Successful...

Often time people seem to assume that you can only be successful if you were born into money or you are overly artistic or fate has brought you success. This is an absurd belief… There are factors that contribute to success among all people that have it, which we will go over later, for now I am going to prove what I am saying to you. Think about Steve Jobs, you know, the Apple guy… Well, what you probably didn’t know was that Steve was a rebellious ‘hippy’ type of person who tripped on LSD and other drugs when he was younger. In high school, he was your typical druggie who had an idea and ran with it. Amazing… Yes! Tony Robbins was a janitor, Robert Kiyosaki lived in a basement with his wife, and there are hundreds if not thousands of stories just like this that I can rattle through. What does that mean for you? Well, that anyone can do this… Yes, you can do this right now. In fact, the most notable of success stories have their coming up stories as well... Tyler Perry lived in a car... Oprah was sexually abused... Did you know that...

So how does this affect you... well, you now know that anybody can become a success. You know that people who were in a much worse situation then you are now some of the most influential people on the planet. Wouldn't you like to own your own island or your own Television station? So what are you doing? You are sitting, waiting, wishing, hoping for someone to sweep in and give it all to you, right? Your fairy grandmother or prince charming is right around the corner, right? If you are really looking for this... I feel bad for you, most, if not all of you reading this decided that 'if it is to be, it is up to me', right?

I want you to make a commitment to yourself to stop being sheep and go against the grain. It is time to stand up for your rights and make a difference in your life and in the world. Who is with me? Are you ready for success? Well, to be successful the first thing you need to do is wrap your mind around it. The psychology is like an elusive slippery snake that subconsciously wants to protect you. Therefore, it is not going to want to let you change. We know change is difficult for the mind and body to accept due to the unknown and from an evolutionary perspective "the unknown is bad"... Guess what, we are evolutionary beings, so your mind is not going to let you make the necessary changes easily. Well, I am in charge of my mind, right? Yes and No, you need to do some training to get full control over your mind. You didn't learn to walk in one day and you will not be able to take control of your mind instantly either.

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