Get ready to kick start 2012 with five more essential treatments to rejuvenate, invigorate and restore your health and beauty this year, available exclusively at La Spa Therapie Malahide.

Now for your selection are five more fabulous beauty fixes that we just couldn't fit in the last blog but had to share with you…

The Diet Secret

La Spa's attitude to health and beauty has always been an holistic one and to keep you on the right track for weight loss this year (and beyond) we have the secret. The Diet Secret is a simple and highly effective weight loss programme that involves an easy-to-follow and delicious eating plan, a nutritional support programme of body boosting vitamins, minerals and supplements, and ongoing support from a trained La Spa dietician. What better way to kick start the new year than with an easy and sustainable weight loss plan?

Deluxe Facial Experience

After all the letting loose of the holiday season, your skin can be left feeling tired, dull and generally blah, so to really get it back to its former glory you must try an holistic seaweed facial. This indulgent treat combines a soothing organic seaweed facial which exfoliates, cleanses, hydrates and replenishes skin, with a gentle back and shoulder massage to totally relax and invigorate. Your skin will feel renewed and so will you. A great pick-me-up treatment for the new year!

Swedish Deep Tissue Massage

For a deep therapeutic experience that improves circulation, relaxes muscles and leaves you with a refreshing overall sense of well-being, La Spa's Swedish full body massage is a must. Long gliding strokes relax muscles and improve blood flow, stimulating and relaxing the body at the same time. Swedish massage is also ideal for detoxing after the holidays as the stroking techniques stimulate the lymphatic system helping rid the body of toxins and strengthening the immune system. A great way to fortify yourself for the challenges of the new year ahead!

Medical Cosmetic Enhancements

If you feel 2012 is the year to invest in a few little beauty enhancements which go to work where nature cannot, La Spa is here to help. Our fully qualified Collagenics medical team can provide anti-wrinkle injections, lip enhancements and chemical peels (to name just a few cosmetic treatments available). Call the salon clinic for more information. Our trusted cosmetic practitioners will consult with you on our range of treatments and offer support and advice on post procedure care.

And coming soon… HD Brows!

The ultimate brow-shaping treatment that has won over beauty experts and fashionable celebs alike has finally arrived in Ireland and La Spa Therapie is one of only a handful of salons to offer the technique. So what is it? HD Brows is an eyebrow defining treatment that makes the most of your natural assets to create a beautiful, elegant frame for your face. Using a combination of threading, waxing, tinting and specialist products, HD Brows gives you more stylish and defined eyebrows. For a fresh new look in 2012 HD Brows is a must, and Katie – our very own HD Brows technician – is here to give you that look!

So what do you think of La Spa's most invigorating health and beauty treatments for 2012? Have you tried any of these treatments before?

Whatever your health and beauty ambitions for this year La Spa Therapie has a treatment for you. Get in touch today to have a friendly chat with us about what treatments we can recommend for you.

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