With the economy in Malaysia still in a slump, and things not really looking bright for everyone right now, buying through stores can be pretty slow. Of course, that does not mean that fewer people are buying. Rather, a lot more people are looking for alternatives instead of going to your stores to buy. Getting your customers to go back to your stores during these times can be a bit tricky, but it is not altogether impossible. With the right tools, partners, and strategy, you can turn a sluggish year to a good one. This might actually be a good your for lead generation campaigns .

There are a lot of experts saying this and that, but we must take note of the most important factor: your customers. You must be able to consider the needs of your customers, tailor your offering to those needs, and make sure that what you have will be bought. There are a lot of marketing gimmicks that you can use, but you do not have to spend so much or tire your telemarketing  team in calling too many business leads. If you have a store that you want to be profitable, you can be simple, but still effective.

Just follow these five simple tips to enhance your business:

1.Conduct a quick sale .  Remember those infomercials on TV that compelled you to call their live answering service to buy? It works because you are given the impression that the bargain offer will be gone soon. Translate that into a one-day or midnight sale in your stores, and you will see people coming in.
2.Exclusive offers . Customers respond to perks given to them because they are loyal customers and similar circumstances. Have your contact centre partner call these prospects to offer limited items or special offers available only to them.
3.Get your merchants in the act .  A lot of suppliers are willing to ship items much closer to the start of shopping season or sales campaign. Also, some suppliers may have special items or merchandise that you can stock in your stores. There are a lot of buyers who buy novelty items that catch their interests.
4.Collaborate with similar businesses .  If there are other firms that are not competing with you, but are also serving the same set of customers, then you can cooperate with them. Set up a marketing campaign to attract buyers. Not only will this help you reach out to prospects better, it will also help you reduce marketing costs.
5.Give your customers the ‘wow’ factor . You will need to differentiate your company from the competition. One good way is to create an added service or identity that will excite or amaze them. Let you imagination run wild. The more exciting the perk you think of, the better it will be.
These are just some of the things that you can do for your store. In terms of generating the sales leads from your customers, it is all about deftly handling the needs of your customers and what you can provide for them.

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Jayden Chu helps companies in Malaysia and in other Asia Pacific countries increase their business revenue through lead generation and appointment setting services. He is a professional consultant for telemarketing services. To find out how you can increase your business revenue, go to http://www.callboxinc.com.my/