Are you consistently feeling empty, anxious or frustrated with your life or career. Are you convinced that there is more to life than what you are experiencing, but it’s just not happening for you?

Many people perceive happiness and fulfillment to be ever-elusive, and they don’t know which steps to take that will lead them to it.

Our education, the way we are brought up and the field of psychology are based almost entirely on what is wrong with us.

So you start to analyze what is wrong with you. Other people are happy and fulfilled, so you reckon that there must be something wrong with you that is causing you to NOT feel happy and fulfilled. And you conclude that if you can fix what is wrong with you, you will have a better life or career and you will be happier and more fulfilled, right?

WRONG! Trying to fix what you (or other people) perceive to be wrong with you is not going to make you feel happier or more fulfilled. In focusing on fixing “weaknesses” you might experience small successes and even feel a little sense of achievement for a short while, but in the long run it will sap your energy and destroy your motivation.

What will help you to consistently feel happy and fulfilled is leading a life of purpose. A good place to start would be to focus on what is right with you and to start nurturing your talents. It means focusing on those things that you are naturally good at and that gives you energy. Only if you focus on nurturing and developing your talents, will you be able to turn them into strengths that will allow you to consistently experience “a state of being strong or powerful” in your career or personal life.

With that, I’m not suggesting that you should ignore the things that you are not so good at or your perceived weaknesses. Of course you have to manage them, (if they need managing for a successful career or life), but spend most of your time to nurture your natural talents so that you can turn them into strengths that will support you in leading a life of purpose. Your purpose.

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Marja is a business and people maximizer with more than 15 years of international HR, Talent management, coaching, training and consulting experience in various industries throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and the USA. Her strength lies in her creativity and ability to recognize something good and turn it into something superb. She helps people and organizations to see their existing and emerging abilities and then assists them to develop those talents and opportunities until they are strengths that contribute to the individual’s and organization’s growth and prosperity.