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"Freedom from Fear" is a metaphysical classic by Richard Lynch and republished by Twice Born Books.
This classic was written by Richard Lynch, a distinguished Unity Minister who served in New York City during the 1930’s. It has now been republished, and enhanced with passages, words of wisdom, and comments, that have been annotated in the margins by Grace M. Bosworth, and renamed. Bosworth’s handwritten notations enhanced the original text with quotations from numerous classical literary giants. The new book Turning Fear into Power is a book is a version that will change many lives during the 21th century.
Richard Lynch had a life altering experience that set him on a path of sharing his insights with the world. It took the form of books that helped people to have a life altering experiences. Richard was a pioneer and an advocate in the New Thought movement, and explained that Metaphysicians believe that God is creative intelligence or mind, present everywhere in the universe and manifesting through every created thing.
Turning Fear into Power had to be lived in order to be written. Lynch was a physically handicapped person who underwent a spiritual revival which cured his disability. From the chaos of doubt and despair emerged a man filled with the joy of living, radiating strength and power and dedicated to helping others help themselves. He lectured throughout the United States testifying to the power of one’s thought and how it can bring you heaven or hell. Use it rightly and Heaven is yours use it wrongly and all Hell will break lose.
The main purpose of the book is to teach the reader to overcome fear, and live a life of joy. It is filled with life lessons and wisdom from the ages. The focus of the book demonstrates that we are what we think. Living is in the now! Relying on God, mastering fear, prayer and meditation are topics that are addressed with passion and clarity.
Part two of the book is dedicated to the understanding metaphysical terms and definitions. Richard Lynch makes a straightforward presentation in the form of questions and answers. A person has a good understanding of Metaphysics upon reading the terms and definitions.
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