Sometimes the hardest step to take is the first step. What makes that step so hard is that we have our plan down, but then we second guess ourselves. We play out different scenarios in our mind, which in turn builds fear. Fear stops us from moving forward. That is why some people cannot move forward in life, that’s why they are stuck. Fear of themselves, fear of the unknown. They are afraid to move out of familiar territory and into the unknown. Some types of fears are relationship, job, places, etc. Or it could be heights, flying, being alone, etc. You will not be able to get from here to there until you stop making up your fears.

Our fears cripple us. They stop us from doing things that we want to do. Fear is made in our mind and the only way to stop fear is by thinking the opposite thoughts and realizing that fear is just something that we made up in our mind.

It used to be “release your fears.” But there is nothing to release. Fear is made up in your mind, you made it up. So, just as you tell yourself “fears” start telling yourself the opposite. Here’s an example: I can’t leave my current relationship because I am afraid to move on. I am comfortable with him and are happy financially. You made up the fear in your mind, now retrain yourself to think the opposite. I know I can make it without this person in my life. I am confident, I am worthy and I am capable of great things. I am self-sufficient and can make it on my own.

If you exude this level of confidence you don’t start second guessing your decisions, you don’t allow fear to get into the equation. You take every step from that moment on, just knowing that you are sound in whatever decisions you make. Things in life are going to happen, but they happen, they are not based out of fear and made up in your own mind.

Sit back and observe others. Do you know friends or family members that are stuck due to their own fears? Can you see that they are not making any progress in their lives? They just keep going in a circle.

Fear is made up from your imagination working overtime. Don’t make your fears real, because they are not. Take your first step, or help someone else take theirs. Dream real, dream big and dream you! The possibilities are endless!

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