Most people are concerned regarding the destiny or fate of their departed loved one. Oftentimes, fear and apprehension arise regarding what will happen after death and what might happen to our dear loved ones. Is he safe---or is she happy at last? Will we ever see or meet or be with each other all over again—if ever? So how could those inspiring funeral poems help or support in bringing peace of mind and heart after a sudden loss or death of persons close to our hearts? Making use of funeral poems to bear in mind that someone is finally at home with God brings comfort and ease whenever a loved one passed away.

Making all those funeral arrangements is usually a difficult thing to do. Not only you are missing the presence of a loved one, but at the same time, the grief, shock and loss could be very devastating. There are just way too many decisions to make at the time of the funeral, and they include the wake, the religious service, and the wake, writing and publishing the obituaries, contacting friends and family and several other details which require attention.

Funeral services provide the family and friends that chance to gather together in mutual and comforting support after the demise of a loved one. Normally, in the funeral parlor of a funeral home, the remains of the physical body of a departed loved one is present. Most families choose to utilize a casket in carrying the body of their departed loved one.

There are also some families which opt for a direct cremation alternative. There are some Christians that prefer the burial of the ashes or, placing the ashes in a mausoleum that value and honor the physical body and respects that one day it would be made new again. Depending on the condition of the deceased body, it is a positive step doing face-to-face mourning during a visitation.

Funeral poems which are written by family and friends could help work through the mourning and grieving process. Some websites and religious good stores also provide memorial poems regarding life after death or about life and death in general. Churches might have stock poems which you could make use to remember and reminisce a loved one who has passed away.

A family funeral could distribute, allocate and utilize those cards as part of a funeral service, a small remembrance area (or shrine) at home, or as a reminder of the departed loved one. Family and friends could make a huge difference just by sharing stories on life of a deceased loved one.

Long after the services are finally over and the funeral flowers have faded, the grieving process would still continue. So it is during these times that the support of the community through neighbors and friends, church or a support group would be truly essential. Keeping a cherished treasury of inspirational memorial poetry can be very soothing.

Death doesn’t end the connection with our departed loved ones; it just changes how you connect through hope, faith and love.

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