To Zoom or not to Zoom record? Hold the phone? Or more accurately HOW to hold the phone…still…in a tripod, so you’re not taking your viewers through a remake of the Blair Witch Project. Nausea is the last reaction you want to evoke in your potential client.

When you’re used to looking people in the eyes, it’s awkward to have to eloquently emote into a tiny camera, but, like everything else, practice makes perfect as well as some tips and tricks to refine this art. 

With the entire business community taking to the internet to network, your video has to grab attention in a memorable, professional way and Jesse can show you how! 

You will learn about messaging, framing, lighting and sound as well as zoom etiquette and the right equipment to be using. 

Speaker Bio:

With over two decades of award-winning experience as a Producer in the film and television industry, Jesse is now focused on helping industry professionals build their brand meaningfully. She is the CEO and Founder of a video production company, Modern Muse Media, that teaches businesses and individuals how to produce their own video for social media, how to build up their social brand, how to confidently be the face of their own businesses, and how to take their social media marketing to the next level.

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Event Information:

Start Date: 07/16/2020 06:30 PM
End Date: 07/16/2020 08:30 PM
Timezone: Canada/Mountain, Informal Networking 6:15 PM
Location: Online Zoom Link will be emailed upon registration AB T2E 3Z3 Canada
Chapter: Calgary, AB

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