You’ve moved! The big event is finally behind you, but now you have a lot of unpacking to do. This part of the job can be as hard as packing up and moving itself. However, by planning ahead and being organized in the way you pack your boxes, you can make settling in to your new home a lot easier and faster. Take advantage of these tips before you start packing up to move.

Pack and Label Room by Room

Keep like with like: That is, don’t mix items from your bedroom with items from the kitchen. Keeping like with like just makes unpacking less frustrating and you are not as apt lose track of items that go in different rooms. Your new house will also stay better organized right from the start. When your boxes are packed and sealed, label them clearly, noting in which room the box is to go. This will help your movers and you won’t have to move the boxes again to unpack them.

Make Priority a Priority

In addition to labeling each box by room, you should also note in smaller letters what is actually in the box. You may also find it helpful to also note where the box came from in your previous home, such as ‘pet medications from laundry room.’ This makes it easier to find what you need as you unpack. In addition, mark priority boxes as ‘High Priority Kitchen’, for example. This box might contain items that you need your very first morning such as the coffee and coffee maker, paper plates and cups and ready-to-eat foods. If you have a pet, pack their food and supplies in a small box, label it clearly and designate it for the kitchen. In most cases, the things you need first are the same items that you packed last because you needed them right up to the last minute; so label them accurately and completely. You may think you’ll remember what is where, but when you are confronted with over 100 identical boxes in strange surroundings, you’ll wish you had labeled things in detail.

First Night Necessities

Most movers will set up the beds for you. If you move yourself, be sure to set up your bed early so that it is useable when you are ready to go to bed. Don’t work until you are exhausted without having your bed made and ready to use. Make sure that you pack your bedding, blankets, pillow and other sleeping necessities in a box or container that is well marked and easy to access. Pack your pajamas, medications, toothbrush, toiletries, towels and everything you will need for the first night in a small suitcase and keep it with you. You should also pack any paperwork you may need and you may want to keep your laptop computer in a briefcase or computer bag along with chargers for the computer, cell phones and any other personal electronic items.

Keep Decorative Items Separate

Decorative items, such as wall art and accessories, are the last things you will need so pack them in separate boxes and label them in detail. Lamps are more important, so pack them along with their shades and light bulbs. It also helps to have a small toolbox equipped with various types of screwdrivers, a hammer, flashlight, basic screws and nails, tape measure and pencil. Keep it in a handy place, such as the trunk of your car.

Author's Bio: regularly features articles written by Maya Willis. Maya is an expert on many decorating subjects, including innovative ways to incorporate interior metal wall art and abstract metal hangings into any home decorating scheme.