It is the time of the year when people want to get their homes organized for the holiday season. Not knowing where to start can be a very daunting task and when faced with a whole house organizing makeover, it can seem overwhelming at first. Most people go from room to room, doing small things that do not seem to be making much of an impact. It feels like pure chaos and you are doing nothing more than spinning your wheels. Do not stress and do not fret, it is easier than you think.

The answers – take a pad of paper and start at the entry way to your home. Start by writing down everything that is annoying you, what you plan to get rid of, and how you want the space to be once it is organized. Work your way through the home going room by room, and include the garage if it is a source of stress. Then sit down with your list…look at all the items you wish to get rid of, or reorganize, and then make a plan of action. When and where are you going to donate these items? OR are you going to try to sell them on Craigslist, eBay, or a yard sale? Remember if you are going to donate these items, you already have them posted on your list so all you have to do is make an annotation of the date and location of the donation for tax purposes. If you are going to sell these items, where is your staging area going to be located? Do you have room for a staging area and are selling the items really worth your time and energy?

Set goal target dates. Example, if you have a pile of clothing in your spare room, make a goal 30-days out to get that room clean and orderly. Start by working in the room 15 to 30 minutes a day and work yourself up to an hour. Before you know it, the mess will be gone and your room will be in the state in which you envisioned it. Set reasonable time lines to all the tasks on your list. Remember you are the “boss” and “project manner” for these tasks. Set goals that are realistic. Don’t try to do everything at once – you will simply overwhelm yourself, get frustrated, and quit. Also, remember everything in your home should have a “place” where it lives. If you have something you can’t find a “home” for, you’ll need to ask yourself if it is worth keeping or not.

Get an accountability coach, such as a Professional Organizer to help you through the process. They can either check in with you periodically at your home or they can e-mail you to remind you of the goals you have established. This is a great way to stay on target because you KNOW someone is going to hold you responsible for the tasks you have set for yourself.

Good luck and happy organizing!

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Professional Organizer, Owner, Coach, Speaker, and Instructor for A New Beginning Organizing, LLC. Specializing in residentail and business organizing in the Portland Oregon Metro area.