Different methods of CBD and THC extractions from the marijuana plant might carry various pros and cons. Despite this, don’t worry—all of them have the end goal of making you high. With this said, budder kush is a kind of concentrate that’s somewhere between cannabis shatter and oil when it comes to consistency. It’s similar to other forms of concentrate—but what makes budder different?

What is Budder?

Budder is a kind of cannabis wax. It’s in the same category as honeycomb, crumble, and a few others. Not as brittle and light as a honeycomb, but not so powdery that it breaks apart like crumble, budder sits somewhere in between. It has a slightly waxy texture, so you’ll need a dabber because it’s hard to break it by hand.

How to Use Budder

Budder can be used in various ways, usually by taking dabs with a dabber. What makes concentrates, specifically budder, appealing for many people over other forms of marijuana is that budder is very versatile. Below are some of the most common ways Death Bubba Cannabis Strain is enjoyed by marijuana users, both for medicinal and recreational use.

● Joint: Possibly the most straightforward approach, this is done by breaking apart the budder and then sprinkling it along the length of the joint. To get the best smoking experience, make sure that it’s evenly spread and that it sits in the center once rolled. Being a concentrate, Death Bubba Strain burns slowly than buds.
● Bubbler or bong: Most weed users add buds to their bong or bubbler before lighting it and inhaling the smoke. Using a concentrate on a bong is also the same process. Take note, though, that concentrates have a higher melting point compared to buds, and failing to properly heat them can lead to a bad hit and poor flavour.
● Vapourizer: Convenient and easy to use, vapourizers, or vapes, are quickly becoming one of the most common ways to use cannabis concentrates. This is usually seen as a healthier option since all the desired effects of the concentrate are absorbed, which means you aren’t missing out on anything.
● Dabbing: Basically, dabbing is vaporizing the budder on a heated surface called a nail. The vapours are then inhaled through a dab rig. Because concentrates require high temperatures, dab rigs are mostly made to a higher standard compared to conventional bongs—which means they cost more.

Benefits of Budder

Because budder is a kind of concentrate, one of the biggest benefits is the strength of its high. This is due to its unique extraction method. High-quality buds with high-quality equipment can yield up to 80 percent THC, outshining regularly grown strains that have a THC content of only about 10 to 26 percent. With a higher concentration, users will need less of the product to feel the effects.

Another benefit that is mostly overlooked is terpenes. A cannabis compound that’s retained during extraction, terpene are the main compounds that give cannabis its aroma. It also helps define the kind of high you get from a particular strain. Some users prefer to vape concentrates more desirable because of the stronger aroma.

Concentrates are more potent compared to smoking conventional joints. This means that with high concentrations of THC in most cannabis concentrates, careful consideration and moderation is needed, especially when you’re buying something like Death Bubba online. When using budder (for newbies in particular), take it slow and easy until you get a hang of it. Of course, don’t forget to enjoy as well!

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