Buyback platforms are replacing the traditional marketplace where consumers show up physically and sell/trade their electronic devices. The immense popularity comes because of the fluid nature of this business model. Since most buyback platforms are online-only, consumers have ease of access while approaching them. Within minutes of interacting online, a consumer can sell the electronic device instead of the time-consuming retail stores. They evaluate your device first and then quote you a price, which wastes time. Furthermore, this old-school business model also eliminates a chance of securing a deal as most consumers back out after receiving a lower quoted price.
Customers who do not like the idea of waiting in the queue, getting a device evaluation, and only then receiving a quotation prefer buyback platforms. Because of such people, the buyback industry in the US received surging growth and continues to thrive quite exceptionally. Amidst such buyback businesses, Gizmogo is another leading company that built its reputation in California and outside mainly due to outstanding business practices.
Gizmogo, founded in 2019, is an online electronics buyback company based in California. The company buys new, used, damaged, and defunct smartphones, tablets, video game consoles, headphones, cameras, and laptops from consumers and offers generous sums in return. Some of the hardware’s evaluation takes place online, where users mention the overall condition of their device while selling. However, an in-depth and thorough inspection comes after the seller ships their device to Gizmogo. A seamless transition, mechanized transparency, and releasing of funds within 24 hours are the key highlights Gizmogo is racing for in the buyback industry of the US.
With year-on-year advancements in technology, every major tech company rolls out a new device that performs significantly better than the previous model. We get new iPhones, Samsungs, Motorolas, and many other smartphones after every 12-16 months’ time period. It’s not just smartphones, we see new laptops, cameras, and headphones surfacing annually. So, a majority of people who love to upgrade the tech every now and then have the only option of selling/trading their older models to buy the new ones. This is where buyback platforms like Gizmogo shine. They smoothen the transition from selling an older device, receiving cash, and buying a new one – a one-stop solution.
Many people argue that they get a much higher value of their electronic device while selling or trading it in a retail store. They believe that the online marketplace undervalues electronic devices and, as a result, offers little advantage. However, Gizmogo is different from most online platforms. For starters, the company offers quotations based on the device’s condition to consumers. The quoted value remains valid for 15 days. So, suppose you are ever in doubt that Gizmogo underappreciates your electronic device and offers you a lower value. In that case, you can always get a quote from this buyback platform and visit the nearest retail store then, sell the device to whomsoever you, as a consumer, thinks gives you more cashback. If it’s Gizmogo, you can always send them your device within 15 days of the quoted price. They’ll buy your smartphone or laptop and will pay you in less than 24 hours.
It is one thing to lead your business model with best business practices. However, to excel in doing the same while keeping the environment clean is something not many buyback platforms do. Gizmogo not only buys used electronics from its consumers but also manages to recycle them efficiently. The company is on the drive to eliminate e-waste, which mainly occurs when people throw away broken electronics. Gizmogo scraps the purchased electronic devices and sells them to the corporates that make these devices in the first place. The company acts as an agent of lifting the burden from the environment while facilitating its customers with cashback in the process.
When you lead by example and prioritize your consumers first over your own business gains, you are bound to gain the attention. Even though there were many buyback platforms in California before Gizmogo, the rate of growth this company had since the last two years is unparalleled. More and more consumers are beginning to put their trust in this company each year. It is because Gizmogo did not enter the buyback industry for the sake of business only. The company aims to revitalize the core tenants of how a buyback company should function – facilitating customers first and protecting their environment as well.
Gizmogo set foot in the big buyback industry inside the US two years ago. It is already going places mainly because of its framework. Reducing E-waste, releasing payment within 24 hours, and offering generous cashback are a few of the milestones Gizmogo touched so far. At this rate, time is not away when the company could become the Amazon version of the buyback industry in the US.

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