If you are among those who don’t brush their teeth regularly then its time to change your habits. If you don’t do so, soon you will realise that there are cavities in your mouth. Cavities only deepen with time and there is no going back once formed. It’s imperative that you take care of the teeth which are not plagued yet.
Dental cavities form micro particles in the food get stuck with the teeth. If the residue is not removed then with in 6 hours of time, bacteria in the mouth will begin consuming the food residue. Along with the particle a small layer of dental scalp will also be scraped along. Thus a cavity will be formed on the teeth.

The implications are high, because over time the scar or cavity on the tooth will move from enamel to Dentine and then finally reach the pulp where the pain becomes unbearable. If you have plagued teeth then its still not late you should go for a dentist and immediately get them filled. A dentist with a dentist loupe will examine your teeth and recommend the best procedure to repair the tooth.

Not all is gone, you can still take care of what is left and take care of remaining teeth by adopting simple lifestyle changes.

You must brush your teeth twice a day with a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Flourides nourishes the tooth and is good for health of your teeth. You must brush once after the breakfast and before going to bed. If you can manage to do is thrice a day then it will ensure longevity of your teeth. You may want to check these two affordable oral b brushes compared at tellmebest.com, electric brushes are much better than the traditional ones.
Floss your teeth atleast once a day. If you do it after brushing your teeth it will be ideal.
Sugar is evil for your teeth. It is the prime reason why plagues forms on your teeth. Bacteria feeds on the sugar and scraps away the protective enamel on the tooth. It exposes the underneath layer and makes the tooth more sensitive.

Lower the intake of candies, chocolates and try to include fruits in your diet.
Stop smoking immediately. You should check the backside of your teeth you will be surprised how much tar has accumulated on the teeth. If you see a trace of brownish stains then immediately consult your dentist and seek a treatment. Smoking is injurious to health and it is not just the lungs but also the teeth where it damages the health.

Mix some fluoride in the water and then drink it. Do not take high dosage of fluoride. Consult with your physician for the right amount. Flouride is essential for ideal dental health. Lack of fluoride deprives the teeth from the repairing building block. Regular intake will help constant supply making sure that your teeth remain healthy.

You must visit a dentist at least twice and year and get your teeth examined. They will check the areas where you can not look by yourself. Often cavities are formed on the inner side of the teeth or back towards the wisdom tooth area. It is not possible with naked eye to spot those crevices. A good dentist can spot those problems and suggest you the right treatment.

Change your habits and taking care of your teeth is part of living a healthy lifestyle. A stitch in time saves nine. Its never too late, take care of the remaining healthy teeth and promise of never going back towards the bad habits.

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