Bee Propolis is extracted from tree buds. Bees have been producing Propolis as a structure to fortify and seal their hives and prevent any other elements like bacteria and parasites from entering. It was not until the 20th century that man has discovered the potential benefits in Bee Propolis. Beekeepers have found that Propolis is a good relief for burns, inflammations, and cuts. Later on, this substance was transformed into capsule form as a health supplement.

Many manufacturers especially in Australia have set up a good system on how to extract Propolis. They will then go through a central manufacturing process that will end up in packaging Propolis into products like health supplements, candies, and toothpaste. Propolis at products are some examples of such types of products. The growing popularity of Bee Propolis created a new interest into the health benefits that this particular substance can provide to many people today. Let us take a closer look at these health benefits.


Some Propolis products are known for their anti-microbial, anti-bacterial or anti-fungal properties. While many products are manufactured as capsules or supplements, there are some that are made into sprays that speed up the healing process of cuts, wounds, burns, abrasions, and skin allergies. The natural components of Propolis make this a recommended choice for such skin problems.

Dental Anti-plaque Substance

Propolis that acts as a dental anti-plaque substance is commonly in the form of chewing gums, candies, and toothpaste. It also has anti-bacterial properties that help keep teeth and gums healthy and clean. The sweet honey-like Propolis also doesn’t fall short on giving the candies a delicious taste that many will easily love and enjoy. Combined this taste with the dental benefits it offers, and you have yourself a fun and healthy daily supplement.


Propolis is also popular as a capsule that can be taken as a daily supplement. Its active ingredients are known to work as natural antibiotics and anti-oxidants that are good to enhance the immune system and function, just like any vitamin or supplement. What makes this a good alternative to highly commercial vitamins and supplements is that it is all-natural and pure with many healing properties, which are good for general health and overall physical well-being.

Other studies on the health advantages of Propolis

In Japan, there was a study on how Propolis can reduce tumor growth. There are active ingredients that are known to be responsible in resisting the production of cancer cells. Although nothing is yet is full-proof in this area, one can still consider Propolis products to improve their overall health with the knowledge that they may reduce the possibility of getting cancer or tumors.


With all the health benefits you can get out of Propolis, you won’t be making the wrong decision to choose this pure and natural health supplement. Whether people choose the capsule form supplements, take it as candies or chewing gum, or use it as skin cream or spray, they can always derive a health benefit or advantage from this substance. If interested, you can find Bee Propolis online.

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