Through life as a personal trainer and health coach people often look up to me and see me as a role model when it comes to exercise and healthy eating. People often ask me questions like what do I have for breakfast, what do I do in the gym every day, why don't I ever fall off the 'health wagon' and a lot more!

I'm happy to tell people the answers. For the record for breakfast I have a green vegetable smoothie 3-4 days a week. Training days I have fruit, nuts and bio/greek yoghurt, or sometimes I skip breakfast, or I have bacon and eggs or similar.

Telling people, that's the easy bit. Explaining why I do it is another story and people often switch off at that point.

People often ask the wrong questions. There is an "order of events" for losing weight, a tried and tested formula if you will.

And just to recap or for anyone new, we achieve weight loss - or any goal for that matter - by becoming healthier, that has to be the first and most important step.

So therefore asking questions like - "How do I get rid of cellulite?" or "How do I lose weight?" is sometimes pointless as the answer fundamentally is always the same - you need to get healthier.

Healthy bodies will get rid of cellulite, eventually. Healthy bodies will lose weight, eventually. Focus on your health and whatever goal you are chasing will follow. So don't get caught up just on what the weighing scales say like most people do, make a real difference to the way you feel as well as the way you look by becoming healthier.

It is like a bit of basic housekeeping, a bit of a tidy around if you catch my drift.

The two very important things you should always do to get healthier are:

Bleeding gums need to be sorted for you to become healthy, and free from illness.

A good functioning gut is KEY to becoming healthy.

If you get these two areas of your body sorted out, you will put a spring back in your step for sure. Fixing these TWO areas will help the rest of your body feel better and then eventually all the other things you want will happen.

Remember depending on how poor your oral and gut health are to start, to fix it can take anything from a few days or weeks, maybe as long as months or years to get it back to proper function.

You could, in theory, sort out your oral and gut health by just eating a "healthier" diet, based around the "paleo or cave man approach" A.K.A "healthy Atkins". I found a regular visit to the hygienist and some supplements boosted the whole process along.

So today's message is to remember if your MOUTH & GUT are not healthy you are on a loser from the word go.

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Rich Clarke

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